People are the heart of a connected community. The people pillar of our sustainability strategy aims to ensure that our customers, tenants, and employees feel welcome, included, and engaged. 


Spaces where people can flourish

More than 25 million customers visit our mixed-use centres each year, giving us 25 million opportunities to bring people together and enhance their wellbeing. We do this through initiatives that encourage customer and community connections. As an employer, we are committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and high performing organisation. Our team enjoys flexible working and a comprehensive range of employee benefits.

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People highlights

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Fostering wellbeing in our communities

We work with a range of organisations to enhance the wellbeing of people in our communities. Input from groups including the Mental Health Foundation, Safe Space Alliance and Accessibility Tick inform the way we curate our properties so everyone who visits them feels like they belong.  

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Spaces for kiwis to connect

We see our mixed-use centres as the heart of their local communities; places where people can meet, catch-up, re-connect. We support a range of grassroots initiatives that promote social engagement, including Kiwifit exercise groups and the Kiwibubs parents’ club.

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A duty of care to our people

The safety and wellbeing of our team, tenants, and customers is a responsibility we take seriously. We work with our partners to continuously strengthen our safety protocols and are proud to have achieved our zero employee 'notifiable injury and illness’ target every year since 2013.

Community Partnerships

Supporting the Mental Health Foundation

Connecting with others is an important way for people to improve their mental wellbeing, so in the lead up to Mental Health Awareness Week we kicked off our ‘Better Together’ campaign to help bring Kiwis together for a catch-up.

We offered customers and employees the opportunity to meet up with a friend, family member or colleague and have a coffee on us. For each voucher redeemed, Kiwi Property donated 20c to the Mental Health Foundation to help fund its vitally important work across Aotearoa. More than 10,000 cups of coffee were served over the course of the campaign, which also helped boost food and beverage sales for our tenants.

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Our latest initiatives

Discover more about our sustainability initiatives across our properties and partnerships, and find out how Kiwi Property Group is delivering for our investors.

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Working with tenants, suppliers and partners to achieve more.

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Creating spaces that promote wellbeing in sustainable ways.

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Investor centre

Results, reports, trading history, green finance and more.