About us

We bring places to life

For nearly three decades, we’ve invested in and developed some of New Zealand’s leading property assets. Now we’re drawing on all our experience and expertise to take us into the future, creating tomorrow’s connected communities, today. Spaces that inspire Kiwis to interact with each other and the world around them. Where living, working, shopping and entertainment merge seamlessly, and people, businesses and the environment all thrive.


Creating connected communities

What does a connected community look and feel like?  It’s everything in one place. Residential, office, shopping, dining, entertainment, transport hubs, green spaces and the latest digital connectivity, all functioning together to create a living ecosystem with people at its heart.

We’re shaping these communities through the continued evolution of Sylvia Park, LynnMall and The Base, as well as innovative new developments like Drury, where we’re aiming to create a major Green Star community. 

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A diversified property portfolio

We own a diverse mix of assets, with a weighting towards CBD offices and large mixed-use properties that we'll continue to develop over time. With a strong bias towards Auckland and New Zealand's economic golden triangle, we're well placed to capitalise on the region's economic and population growth.  

Our tenant base is similarly diverse, featuring banks, government departments and major retail chains. Essential services deliver almost 40% of our investment portfolio gross income, while our 20 largest tenants have a weighted average lease expiry of 6.3 years, promoting significant income resilience. 

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Asset mix

Positioned for growth

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Driving business performance

Our ambition is to become New Zealand's leading creator and curator of mixed-use communities. We'll do this through a four-pillar strategy designed to drive business performance and create value for our shareholders, and other stakeholders. 


Lead the market on mixed-use

Create flagship mixed-use assets at high-growth metropolitan town centres, driving increased income and more resilient valuations.


Grow with diverse capital sources

Recycle capital and partner with investors to grow assets under management and unlock higher quality, lower risk returns. 


Enable customer & partner success

Drive asset performance through the creation of market-leading centres, and developing strategic long-term customers relationships.


Build a future fit business

Promote operational excellence by harnessing the power of digital, leading on sustainability and building a winning team.


Bringing places to life for 30 years

Kiwi Income Property Trust was established in 1992 by co-founders Ross Green and Richard Didsbury, and listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in December 1993.

Since then, the organisation has reached a number of significant milestones, including the acquisition of the Vero Centre in 2001 and the completion of Sylvia Park Shopping Centre in 2007. The business underwent internalisation in 2013 and corporatisation a year later, resulting in the creation of Kiwi Property Group, as we know it today. 

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