We believe in the power of partnerships. By working together with our tenants, customers and suppliers we amplify our environmental and social impact beyond what we can achieve alone. Through this collaborative approach, we’re able to maximise our resources, reach more people and be a greater force for good.


Connecting and empowering our partners

We partner with a range of organisations on the delivery of our sustainability strategy as we strive to create communities that enhance the wellbeing of the people in and around them. These partnerships take many forms, from informally supporting our tenants’ sustainability goals, to creating strategic charity affiliations and supporting fundraising for non-profits. We leverage our scale to promote sector-wide change, including shifting to more sustainable procurement and development. 

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Partnership highlights

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Supporting mental health

Kiwi Property and the Mental Health Foundation share ‘improving wellbeing’ as a common goal. We proudly support the Pink Shirt Day initiative to take a stand against bullying. On 23 May 2022, our tenants and employees formed a sea of pink shirts and helped generate 150,000 online campaign impressions.  

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Reducing construction waste

Our commitment to reducing waste from development projects delivered excellent results during the development of 3 Te Kehu Way. Proactive planning and a joint approach with our construction contractor, enabled 92of waste to be recycled, reused or repurposed.

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Addressing modern slavery

Eliminating modern slavery is a complex challenge. While the threat is low within our own operations, as a participant in the global property sector, risks exist in our extended supply chain. To help guide our efforts in this space, we have established a comprehensive Modern Slavery Roadmap, overseen by our ESG Committee.

Mitigating climate risk

Recent extreme weather events have highlighted the importance of climate change resilience. Guided by our comprehensive climate risk assessment, we’re taking steps to safeguard our assets from future threats. Our focus on developing sustainable mixed-use assets, reducing our operational carbon emissions, and our 20-plus year track record in sustainability, positions us well to combat the regulatory, environmental and social effects of climate change.

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Our latest initiatives

Discover more about our sustainability initiatives across our properties and partnerships, and find out how Kiwi Property Group is delivering for our investors

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Providing outstanding experiences for employees, tenants and visitors.

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Creating spaces that promote wellbeing in sustainable ways.

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