Kiwi Property is building Auckland's newest metropolitan centre and raising the bar for mixed-use community creation in New Zealand. Spread over 53 hectares, our ambition is for Drury to become a vibrant and sustainable town, featuring high-speed transport links to the Auckland CBD and offering Kiwis an exciting new place to live, work, and play.


Creating a place for Kiwis to call home

The Drury region is expected to become home to around 60,000 people over the next 30 years, giving us a unique  opportunity to create and curate a vibrant town from the ground up. A place that proudly celebrates nature, connection and new opportunities, and Kiwis will feel proud to call home for generations to come.

Our Drury development is set to become a pedestrian friendly community featuring high quality retail, commercial and residential precincts, interwoven with an abundance of green spaces. Whether it's catching up with friends for dinner, walking the dog through the parklands or riding bikes with your kids along one of the many cycleways, Drury will bring people together and help them thrive. 

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A model for transit-oriented development

At Drury, we’re helping build a brighter, and more sustainable future, with plans to create one of New Zealand’s first major Green Star Communities.

This transit-oriented development, will help residents leave their cars at home and make the most of the extensive public transport options available. Plus, 90% of houses within our development will be less than a one kilometre stroll to the proposed Drury Central station, giving them easy access to public transport. With tens of thousands of native trees due to be planted across the site and the Hingaia Stream due to be restored to its natural beauty, a walk to work will feel like a stroll through nature.

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A phased development programme

Drury will be a major development, completed in stages over the next 20-30 years. We're proud to be working with a range of partners to help create a dynamic region. Kiwi Property's site has been zoned as the new Drury town centre, placing our landholding at the heart of progress in the region.  

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Phase 1 (2022-2025)

Earthworks and civil works lay the platform for future development and enable the creation of residential super-lots for houses to be built on. 

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Phase 2 (2025 onwards)

Construction of homes and large format retail, including supermarkets, that will serve the Drury community. 

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Phase 3 (2032 onwards)

Development of the Drury town centre, including offices, civic spaces, specialty retail and multi-story apartment buildings.


Getting to Drury

Our Drury landholding is located on the western side of Fitzgerald Road, approximately 5.5 kilometres south of Papakura and 37 kilometres to the south-east of the Auckland CBD. The site borders the Hingaia Stream and is a short distance from both the Great South Road and Southern motorway, providing easy access from all parts of Auckland.

Drury Map