We’re resetting traditional expectations of what renting can offer, with a new way of living that puts residents first. Build-to-rent (BTR) is a new concept for New Zealand, and an exciting opportunity for renters and investors. We’re proud to be leading from the front.

A better way to rent


As one of New Zealand’s leading property companies, we are embracing the future, so people can live better. Build-to-rent is a new approach to residential accommodation where corporate landlords develop, own and manage homes and apartments specifically for long-term rental.

This exciting model offers tenants a fresh perspective on living, combining the flexibility and convenience of renting, coupled with stability that comes from knowing a place is yours. It's a customer-centric model, that has the potential to become an important part of the country's housing equation and Kiwi Property's future. 

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Creating value for shareholders

Kiwi Property is well placed to maximise the value from build-to-rent and the expected growth in the sector over the coming years. Our large mixed-use landholdings in Auckland and the golden triangle are ideally located for future intensification and give us the flexibility to launch new developments when market conditions are right. 

Build-to-rent apartments are poised become an important feature of our mixed-use communities, standing alongside retail and office to attract even more people to our properties. We’re focussed on becoming a leader in build-to-rent in New Zealand, helping to diversify our income sources, accelerate income growth, and offer investors exposure to this attractive new asset class.

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Our BTR vision

With Resido, we’re creating places Kiwis want to call home and can live life to the fullest. Construction of our first build-to-rent development is complete at Sylvia Park, with planning for a second now underway. Resource consent has already been granted for a mixed-use tower at LynnMall, featuring almost 20 floors for residential accommodation. With potential for around 1,800 apartments across these sites, we’re bringing Resido to life with a focus on customer experience and in locations where people want to live.

As one of New Zealand’s leading property companies, we’re professional place makers, who understand what it takes to create a community that offers residents a high-quality lifestyle.

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Poised for growth

Already successful overseas, build-to-rent is one of the largest property asset classes in the US, and growing rapidly in markets like the UK and Australia.

Renting is also on the rise in New Zealand, driven by increased migration, reduced construction levels and high house prices. Build-to-rent has the potential to play an important role in New Zealand’s housing solution, offering Kiwis access to quality accommodation, and long-term leases. Resido isn’t just for Millennials and Gen Zers though, offering downsizers and retirees an alternative to the responsibilities of home ownership, in favour of a relaxed, carefree lifestyle.  

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