Building a bright future


Kiwi Property's development pipeline features a variety of projects of different sizes and timeframes, ranging from new buildings to new towns. Consistent throughout though, is our focus on bringing people and places together to create connected communities where Kiwis will want to live, work and play for generations to come. It’s a long-term strategy; we have the flexibility and freedom to develop how and when it makes sense to do so.


Creating value through development

Kiwi Property’s large landholding spans more than 125 hectares across strategic sites in Auckland and Hamilton. This portfolio provides an extensive range of development opportunities and provides the  flexibility to phase construction based on market conditions and demand. By adopting a pragmatic approach, we'll be well positioned to drive growth, reduce risk and unlock value for investors. 

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Sylvia Park built-to rent

With over 35 hectares of land zoned for growth, we’re transforming Sylvia Park from New Zealand’s favourite shopping centre into a world class mixed-use community, featuring the country's first major build-to-rent development.

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This is where our bold vision for connected communities gains full expression. Our 53-hectare site will become the town centre for the Drury region, creating a unique opportunity to build a sustainable city from the ground up. 

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Our future is mixed-use

Our mixed-use communities integrate the aspects of living into one thriving ecosystem. Apartments, offices, medical, retail, cinemas, gyms, green spaces, restaurants and transport hubs.

These connected communities are sustainable, safe, and well-designed. They’re the future of Kiwi Property, the cornerstone of our strategy and and the focus of our exciting development programme

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A force for good

Sustainable development

We’re focused on ensuring the buildings and places we develop are highly sustainable. Around 90% of waste created in the construction of 3 Te Kehu Way was diverted from landfill and we're stricing to be net carbon negative in our operations by 2030 – nearly 20 years ahead of Government targets. We have the scale, footprint, and resources to be a force for good, and we take our responsibilities seriously.

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Portfolio growth

Increasing assets under management

Kiwi Property’s new developments are an important part of our strategy and drive toward building an even higher performing business – one that delivers excellent results for our communities and investors. By continuing to grow our property portfolio over time, we will help increase and diversify our sources of income, promoting more resilient returns across a range of economic conditions.

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Contact us

Development enquiries

For enquiries or to learn more about about our exciting development programme, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.