about us

New Zealand’s largest diversified property company, we’ve been providing great places for people to shop and work for 25 years.

We listed on the NZX in December 1993 and today hold a portfolio of $3.0 billion.

who is Kiwi Property?

We are one of the leading property investment companies in New Zealand, and we’re focused on delivering superior returns for our investors through the active management of a high-quality portfolio of shopping centres and office buildings.

We’ve never wavered from our strategy and we continue to focus only on the New Zealand property sector.

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our story

Kiwi Property was created by Richard Didsbury and Ross Green, two New Zealander’s  whose vision was to create a property investment vehicle that had robust layers of governance and an investment strategy that focused on sustainable returns.

Based on the highly successful and transparent models of the Australian real estate investment trust market, our business listed on the NZX as Kiwi Income Property Trust in December 1993. We were the first entity of our kind in New Zealand, and today remain the largest listed diversified property company on the NZX. We changed our name to Kiwi Property in December 2014, after we moved from a trust to a company structure.

We remain exclusively focused on New Zealand’s property, and we are an active asset manager, which means we are hands-on in optimising the performance of all the assets we manage and own on behalf of our investors.

Our vision is to deliver New Zealand’s best retail and workplace experiences.


our history

our objective

We have a clear objective for our investors, which is to provide them with a reliable investment in New Zealand property, targeting superior, risk-adjusted returns over time through the ownership and active management of a diversified, high quality portfolio.

we’re committed to this objective by:
  • investing in a high-quality diversified property portfolio throughout New Zealand, with a broad range of tenants and lease maturities
  • fostering long-term stakeholder relationships to enhance investment performancebeing an active manager, which means we focus daily on closely managing our assets and finances, developing and executing strategies to acquire or divest assets
  • judiciously developing new or existing assets for optimal performance, and
  • maintaining a strong balance sheet with conservative borrowing levels.

our strategy

Our strategy is built on three core pillars:

maintain a strong balance sheet

By maintaining a strong financial position and conservative gearing with appropriate diversity of debt capital sources, a low cost of capital can be maintained thereby optimising equity returns.

intensively manage our assets

By intensively managing our property assets we can optimise income and investment performance.

add value through investment decisions

By maintaining a rigorous approach we can add value through our investment decisions to optimise earnings through the strategic acquisition, divestment and development of property assets.

our core portfolio

we have a strong bias to Auckland

We favour Auckland because of its superior prospects for economic, population and employment growth.

we have a strong mixed use bias

we target:

  • dominant regional shopping centres with mixed use capability
  • large format retail centres that are located in:
    – locations favoured by the Auckland Unitary Plan
    – regions outside of Auckland with positive growth prospects
our office portfolio


  • prime-grade assets in Auckland
  • office buildings in Wellington with long-term leases to the CrownWe also manage properties for third parties and joint owners to diversify our investments and leverage our management platform.
third party management

We also manage properties for third parties and joint owners to diversify our investments and leverage our management platform.

our goals

We are passionate about delivering exceptional results in everything we do. For our investors, our goal is to deliver long-term total returns greater than 9% per annum, underpinned by pre-tax distributable earnings per unit growth of at least 2% per annum.

We strive to deliver exceptional experiences for New Zealanders throughout our portfolio of outstanding properties.