Customer service desk

Our friendly customer service desk is located behind the escalator by Hallenstein Brothers. Our team can provide you with a wide range of helpful information, including Gift Card sales and the hire of wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs.

Phone enquiries are also welcome on +64 9 570 3777.

Alternatively you are welcome to contact us through our website or on our Facebook page HERE.

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Whether a quick stop or long shop, Sylvia Park has over 4,500 free customer car parks waiting for you. Find your perfect parking spot  HERE.

Staying for longer than the car park allows?

Shopping up a storm? A bite and a movie? All of the above?

We have free parking for up to 4 hours for customer but if you’re planning on spending longer than your car park limit allows, all you need to do is head over to our friendly Customer Service Desk team to let them know of your intentions and they’ll make sure to take down your number plate so you don’t get a parking ticket!

What do I do if I have received a fine?

Eek! While it’s never the intention of Parking Enforcement Services to ticket you while you’re spending time at Sylvia Park, if you haven’t informed our Customer Service Desk Team that you’ll be parking longer than the car park allows, you might get a ticket.

If this happens, please refer to the details on the back of your parking ticket to see how to pay or appeal your ticket. Providing evidence of your shop (such as receipts), will assist you in the appeals process.


EV charging

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can be found at the following locations on the ground floor:

  • Car park 1, Level 1 | (Type 1 + 2 chargers)
  • Car park 2, Ground Floor | (Type 1 + 2 chargers)
  • Car park 5 & 8, Ground Floor |  (Type 1 charger)

Plug in your electric vehicle and charge while you shop and all for FREE.

A free eBike / eScooter lock dock & recharge station is also available and is located opposite the railway station (near Japanmart). Download the Bikeeapp at to use this station. To recharge, BYO charger.

Maximum of 4 hours of free customer car parking available when using EV charging.

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Tesla Supercharger Stations

Tesla Superchargers are available in Car Park 5, level 3 for you to plug in and charge up your Tesla while you grab a bite to eat or shop up a storm.

Maximum of 4 hours of free customer car parking available when using Tesla Superchargers.


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Free KiwiWiFi

We have free Wifi available for you to use while visiting the centre. Simply find “KiwiWIFI” on your available WiFi networks and hop right in.

Terms of use apply. 



Our bathrooms are located:

  • On the ground floor between The Baby Factory and T&T Childrenswear
  • On the ground floor near the Foodcourt
  • On the ground floor near Lush
  • On level 1 between Mecca and Superdry

All of our bathrooms have accessible toilets.


Parents' rooms

Parents’ rooms are located:

  • On the ground floor between The Baby Factory and T&T Childrenswear
  • On the ground floor near the Foodcourt
  • On the ground floor near Lush
  • On level 1 between Mecca and Superdry

Our parent rooms are child friendly spaces designed for your parental convenience. They are equipped with microwaves, toddler toilets, change tables and screened seated areas for your feeding privacy. All parents and caregivers are welcome.

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We're breastfeeding friendly!

Please feel free to breastfeed your baby anywhere in the centre, however, if you’d like somewhere more private, we welcome you to use our parents’ rooms.


Children's playground

Sylvia Park currently offers three children’s play areas:

  • Next to The Baby Factory
  • In the foodcourt
  • Next to Filly Café
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Bag storage & device charging

Located near the lifts in between Timberland and The Coffee Club.

Load n’ Lock self-service storage lockers are available for hire in a range of sizes:

  • Small goods: 300 x 296 x 460 mm
  • Hand luggage: 300 x 598 x 460 mm
  • Large goods / suitcases: 300 x 902 x 600mm

Normal Rate:

  • Large – $8.00 for 6 hours – 300x902x600mm
  • Medium $5.00 for 4 hours – 300 x 598 x 460mm
  • Small $3.50 for 4 hours – 300x296x460mm

Overtime Rate:

  • Large – $1.00 per hour
  • Medium – $1.00 per hour
  • Small – $1.00 per hour

Price may vary in-centre.

iPhone, Android and USB Type C chargers also available.

Simply pop down to the lockers and pay by card. Storage lockers are unable to be hired in advance.

Water RefillNZ station

Thirsty? Stay hydrated and stop plastic pollution by refilling your reusable water bottles at any of our 3 water RefillNZ stations for FREE.


  • Near Baby Factory/Columbus Coffee
  • Level 1, car park 2 entrance, behind nespresso/Levi’s
  • Level 1, car park 1 entrance, behind Allure Beauty / Farmers


Childcare facility

The Treehouse Children’s Creche

FREE CHILDCARE for 0-5 year olds for two hours per day.

Located on the mezzanine floor near PAK’nSAVE, Treehouse Children’s Creche is fully licensed early childhood education centre with qualified early childhood teachers. The creche will provide your child with an environment that is both educational and fun.

  • Qualified teachers
  • Pop your children in to play
  • Shop in half the time
  • Stress free childcare
  • Bookings recommended

Session times

  • Monday to Sunday: 8.50am – 10.50am, 11.00am – 1.00pm and 1.30pm – 3.30pm
  • Thursday to Friday: 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Contact details
You can phone  +64 9 573 1120


Park & Ride

Park & Ride facilities are available at Sylvia Park for just $4 a day. For more information about park and ride, click here. 


Cityhop Car Share

Wheels when you want them! We have a car and van available in the Sylvia Park car park for your next adventure.

This is perfect for a weekend roadtrip. Grab your travel essentials and snacks at the shopping centre on your way to the car/van. Or maybe you’ve had a BIG shop and need to get it home. And when you drop it back, pick up dinner at The Grove Dining District!

Cityhop allows you to book their van by the hour or the day with fuel and insurance included.

Members can book online, unlock the vehicles using a smartcard, hop in and drive away.

Simply sign up online for free HERE and only pay for what you use.



For more information about accessibility at Sylvia Park, please visit our accessibility page here.


Safe Space

Sylvia Park is proud to be part of the Safe Space Alliance, a New Zealand based, global non-profit LGBTQI+ led organisation that helps people identify, navigate, and create safe spaces for the LGBTQI+ community. It’s free to join! You can find more information:


Community services

We offer a range of personal health, wellbeing and community services located on the mezzanine floor by PAK’nSAVE.

Our range of community services includes: medical centre, dentist, gymnasium, physiotherapist, radiologist, Citizen Advice Bureau, Plunket, and more.


Services in NZSL

To view these services available at Sylvia Park in NZSL please watch the video below.



Wanna know what’s timeless, classic, beautiful and always on trend? Our beautiful country, New Zealand!

We want to help keep it that way, and thanks to funding from Auckland Council, we’ve been focusing heavily on sustainability at Sylvia Park – how we can preserve our spot in this corner of the world for future generations, and how we hope to inspire our customers to do the same.

Kiwi Property’s sustainability programme has been operating for more than 16 years and is an important part of our value proposition. Like many companies, when we embarked on our sustainability programme, we started with a focus on implementing environmental initiatives that would reduce operating costs and allow us to tread more lightly on this planet. Today, we deliver for our stakeholders by taking a holistic approach to investment management, with a focus on commitments across people, plant and profit.

As New Zealand’s largest shopping centre, we have over 250 retailers, including a food court and dining lane, ultimately resulting in a large output of waste. It would be easy to shrug our shoulders and not pay mind to this – but we reckon us Kiwis are better than that!

In our first month of this new initiative, we had a 9.42 tonne reduction in waste going to landfills – that’s about the weight of three large African elephants! – and 44% less waste than this time last year. We estimate this project will divert 136 tonnes of landfill waste per year, and we’re stoked that the recycling rate at Sylvia Park is now consistently at around 75%.

But sustainability isn’t just about preserving the environment, it’s also about helping it flourish – which is what the grinds from your coffees is helping to do, with approximately 20 tonnes of coffee grinds being used on our gardens!

Keep an eye out for the gardens next time you visit, because you’re helping them grow! And remember that every single plastic lid, cup or bag you buy at the centre is being disposed of thoughtfully. We’d like to say thanks so much to Auckland Council for helping us to help the environment – we couldn’t do it without ya! Arohanui.

You can read or download our 2019 sustainability report HERE.