The Work:

‘Eat your heart out’ is a piece delving into the emotional connection people have with food. It brings people together as family and friends and can brighten a dull day. The affinity we have with our senses, can conjure an inspirational amount of emotion and connection.  It is this emotional triggering that the work explores.



Outside Aroy Thai / Filly.

The Artist:

Originally from Jogjakarta Indonesia, Dali Susanto is a prolific multi-media artist who moved to New Zealand in 2007. His family owned batik galleries and taught tourists and students the skills of traditional batik work. He was named by his parents after Salvador Dali in the hope that he would become an artist.

His bold, graphic style translates well to the built environment, online content, and live festivals such as Splore, NZ Spirit Festival, and Earth Beat Festival. His process is intuitive and spontaneous, as he draws from the energy of the surrounding environment to create his unique works.

Now based in Hawke’s Bay, he regularly exhibits to an enthusiastic audience and instigates arts events to support local hospitality businesses.

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