February 17, 2020


At Kiwi Property, we want to enable greater accessibility for all. We have partnered with Be.Lab whose vision is for New Zealand to become the most accessible nation in the world. Their guidance, advice and assessments have enabled us to achieve a Platinum accessibility rating at Sylvia Park.

By making our places open to all, we create a more welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for visitors and ensure those working in our buildings are well supported to be independent. As far as possible, we aim to remove barriers that make access difficult, ensuring our shopping centres and offices (where applicable) can be enjoyed by everyone


To ensure all customers can navigate around the centre with ease, the main entrances are controlled by automatic doors, aisles are wide with good LED lighting and lifts provide good access around the centre and to and from the centre from the multi-level car parking that make accessibility to shops and facilities easy.

Car Parking

Dedicated mobility car parking is available near the entrances to Sylvia Park. These carpark spaces are available to vehicles clearly displaying a valid mobility permit.

Enjoy up to 4 hours of free parking. If you’re planning on staying for longer than the carpark allows, please visit the Customer Service Desk and ask for extended car-parking.

Our mobility parks are located by all of our main entrances to the centre:

  • Car park 5 ground level
  • Car park 5 level 1
  • Car park 5 level 2
  • Car park 7a
  • Car park 9
  • Car park 10
  • Car park 1 ground level

Undercover mobility parks can be found in carpark 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Please contact the customer service team on 09 570 3777 to discuss which carpark would best suit your needs on your next visit.

Parents Car Parking

Our parents’ parks are located in car park 1 ground level, car park 2 ground level, car park 4, car park 5 ground and level 1, car park 7A, car park 7B and car park 8.

For more information about parking and transport, click here

Lifts / Elevators

There are 8 lifts available at Sylvia Park. They are located next to:

  • Hoyts
  • Timberland (ground) / Biovac Outdoor (level 1)
  • Kmart (access to car park 10 A)
  • Stirling Sports / Whitcoulls
  • Multi level car park 1 (entrance near Spark)
  • Multi level car park 2 (entrance near Lush)
  • Multi level car park 5 (entrance near Stirling Sports)
  • Entrance near Filly and Aroy Thai (car park 9)

Wheelchairs & mobility scooter hire

Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are available for use from the customer service desk for customers while shopping at Sylvia Park.

There is no charge to loan a wheelchair or mobility scooter. However, customers must agree to the terms and conditions and provide details from one form of identification.

Toilets and Parents’ rooms

Accessible toilets are available in 5 separate locations:

  • Near Columbus Coffee / The Baby Factory
  • Level 1 near Centre Management Office
  • Level 1 entrance near Levi’s / Nespresso
  • Near the foodcourt
  • Entrance near Lush

Parent rooms are available 4 separate locations:

  • Near Columbus Coffee / The Baby Factory
  • Near the Foodcourt
  • Entrance near Lush (change space & toilets only)
  • Entrance near Levi’s / Nespresso

Accessible Changeroom Facility

Location: Outside Rockshop

The facility includes:  

  • Height adjustable accessible toilet and basin
  • Height adjustable accessible bed
  • Complete shower with overhead hoist (for safety reasons, your own sling is required)
  • Sharps disposable
  • Bottle wash


  •  24-hour access.
  • Access is provided via a call-button at the door, alerting security who will remotely unlock the door.

The Accessible Changeroom is available to those with high accessible needs only and is not open to the general public.

For more information visit HERE

Guide Dogs & Support Animals 

Guide and assistance dogs are welcome.

Animals (other than assistance animals*) are not allowed within the mall.

Centre Management requires that animals are not left unattended in our outdoor areas, including inside customer cars.

Signage is displayed on entrances that no animals are allowed indoors.

We do not have signs in outdoor areas for reasons of practicality, animal welfare, and customer safety.

*Assistance animals must be certified as a “disability assist dog” by an approved organisation like the Blind Foundation, Assistance Dogs NZ or Hearing Dogs for Deaf People NZ.

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