corporate governance

The Board of Kiwi Property is responsible for, and committed to, ensuring the company maintains best practice corporate governance structures and high ethical standards and integrity.

committed to the highest standards of corporate governance

Our Board is committed to undertaking its role in accordance with accepted best practice. Accordingly, our corporate governance framework draws on principles, guidelines, recommendations and requirements from a range of sources including the NZX Listing Rules and NZX Corporate Governance Code. In addition, the Board has approved policies and practices which aim to reflect best practice corporate governance.

The corporate governance policies, practices and processes that Kiwi Property adopted or followed for the year ended 31 March 2022 are summarised, or referred to, in the FY22 Corporate Governance Statement below.  This statement is current as at 31 March 2022 and has been approved by the Board.

Our key corporate governance documents are provided below:

key documents

corporate governance statement

FY23 corporate governance statement

PDF / 242KB

FY22 corporate governance statement

PDF / 242KB


audit and risk committee charter

PDF / 109KB

board charter

PDF / 119KB

esg committee charter

PDF / 89KB

remuneration and nominations committee charter

PDF / 112KB

governance documentation and policies

code of ethics

PDF / 88KB

diversity and inclusion policy

PDF / 74KB

environmental social and governance policy

PDF / 84KB

external auditor independence policy

PDF / 89KB

market disclosure policy

PDF / 143KB

remuneration policy

PDF / 97KB

securities trading policy

PDF / 116KB

dividend policy summary

PDF / 70KB



PDF / 411KB



PDF / 61KB

trust deed

master trust deed