Minimalist Interior

Top Tips for a bright but minimalist interior

Minimalism is having a ‘moment’ and it’s easy to see why. However sometimes we think of minimalist interiors as too plain and too neutral.

Below is proof that you can achieve a more minimal look without forgoing colour.



Maintaining plant-life can be harder than it looks. Thankfully you don’t need plants to bring the outdoors in.  Instead, incorporate nature through artwork.  A colourful photographic print of a beautiful landscape can be just as effective.



If a white room has you heading for the hills, stop! Just add colour.

Yes that’s right, colour! Because minimalism isn’t all white on white. The key to adding colour is to choose one punchy solid accent.  Primary colours make great accents just remember that less is more.



The simplest print can captivate a space.

Bold unfussy prints of everyday objects like a piece of fruit or a beautiful leaf can be great conversation starters and can lift a stark space. For best effect try to tie-it in to your accent colour



Think clean lines and geometric shapes.

A modernist chair in a strong solid colour can bring a neutral space to life. Alternatively, adorn your shelves with a few structural pieces in similar tones.  A tall white vase nestled amongst a collection of glass trinkets will add colour in a subtle way.   Switch up white for another colour if you prefer.

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