Exciting Neutrals

Make a neutral space more exciting …

Soft white walls and muted tones are classic and simple but can sometimes feel just a little too simple. So how do you prevent your neutral interiors from appearing too plain? Here are a few ideas:



A great space does not need the best of everything to be brilliant.

In fact, some of the most exciting spaces are an inspiring mix of inexpensive décor with a few expensive finds. As a rule, spend more on pieces that need to be hardwearing or are the focus of a room like sofas, tables, lights or rugs and then lovingly add to these a few well-chosen cheaper furnishings, like textural cushions, lamps, throws (layered), prints and vases.

TIP: For bare white walls, surround expensive artworks with a few less expensive wall art pieces in a gallery-style layout.



To stop a room from falling flat think about the shape of your furnishings.

For instance, a bell shaped pendant, round mirror, or an oversized pouf will entice the eye especially when the room is filled with objects of a similar shade.



Add character to a plain space with interesting finishes.

By marrying a white-washed dining table with high gloss chairs you instantly add personality to a stark space. The same can be said for fabrics, like aged leather paired with chrome for instance.



Old sentimental pieces can be made to look new again.

Instead of hiding your aunt’s old vase, breathe new life into it. Let it be your inspiration piece when buying something new or showcase it alongside a new find, like a modern lamp.

A white metal side table would also be a great way to showcase an old vase in a fresh way.

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