Artistic Homewares

Use colour, texture and pattern to liven up your living space and express your individuality. Here are just a few ways to inject your home with this season’s latest trend:



Don’t be afraid to ‘go big’ with your colour choices.

The artistic homewares trend is all about self-expression through colour. By introducing a few bright cushions, vases and sculptural pieces into the home you’ll instantly create a sense of vibrancy and warmth.



Whether its abstract wall art or classic stripes, experimenting is ‘in’.

Push the envelope with mismatched bedding. A bed that marries a few different prints and textiles together can look fantastic.  To play it safe look for a common thread or theme like ‘florals’ or ‘geometric shapes’ and buy different pieces with this in mind.



Different textures of the same colour create depth and interest.

This is a great tip for those of us that tend to buy a lot of the same colour. Black on black can look uber dramatic when you create interesting layers like a black fur throw paired with a crocheted cushion on a black leather couch.



Paint splotches, watermarks and marbling effects are hot!

From tea towels to chairs and vases the painted effect is back in a big way. If you love clean lines and minimal interiors a few well-chosen hand-painted pieces can add a sense of originality without compromising on sophistication.

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