05 May 2021

May I light my fire? Yes, I may, as it’s no longer April.  I have no idea, really, why I decided I would wait until the month of May before getting to enjoy the delicious warmth of the flame. A few cold days of late have indicated the time is nigh. Having said that, I appreciate life isn’t too chilly in our part of the world compared to down South. I have been liaising with some friends from Dunedin who tell me their fires have been blazing for months.


All this points to the word “warmth” which I am using as the inspiration for this blog. I have been shopping for things that make you feel warm – flannelette sheets, an extra comforter, snug dressing gowns and slippers lined with faux fur, wonderfully soft cushions and throws to cuddle up with, and rugs that feel sumptuously soft underfoot. The cheeky inclusion of the skipping rope is because, give that a whirl and you will warm up, for sure! Oh, and speaking of fires, my selected product includes a lovely cane basket for firewood (I am crushing on such baskets). Of course, I have included an example of one of the many heater options out there too (this one a great deal). In fact, there are a number of stores offering a selection of most of the things mentioned above. We are spoilt for choice.

Keep an eye out for my next blog which will include various things that can create a warm ambience in your house. They may not feel warm to the touch, but they are champions at adding that snug and cosy appeal. Until then, kick cold for touch and embrace warmth all the way.

On a side note… I have always believed there is plenty of beauty to be found in the crockery isles at Briscoes. Now there’s something new to tempt, with the Annabel Langbein Home Collection. I’m still loving some Simon Gault pieces I bought years back, and Annabel’s collection has the same appeal.

|1. Urban Loft Designer Collection, ultimate shag rug, $499.99 – $799.99, from Briscoes |2. Sleep Tyra Faux Fur Slippers, $23.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |3. Bambury Mens Tartan Microplush Bathrobe, $39.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |4. Baku Basket, $99.68 (other sizes and prices), from Freedom Furniture |5. Alpine throw, $169.00, from Freedom Furniture |6. Lambie Cushion – saffron (25x50cm), $69.99 from NOOD |7. Adidas essentials skipping rope (3 metre), $19.99, from Rebel Sport |8.Galaxy Kids Dino Comforter Set, $99.99, from Briscoes |9. De Longhi 1500w Dragon Oil Heater, $299.00, from Harvey Norman |10.Graphite flannelette sheet set (180gsm) by Cotton Cosy, $169.00 from Harvey Norman.


Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.