25 January 2021

Real life is muscling in on my summer holiday bliss. There’s work to return to, and children to organise as the start of the academic year nears.

Of course, while we are thinking of stationery lists and school bags and our own work demands, the sun carries on shining, the beaches and lakes continue to beckon enticingly, and the evenings remain long and full of promise. And so, the fun’s still there for the taking. I certainly have some good weekends and afterwork catch ups planned and, of course, we have a few wonderful long weekends looming.


Westgate Lifestyle stores continue to roll out some magnificent deals. It’s a great time to get those extra bits and pieces to enhance your summer entertaining, adventuring, and comfort. With the later in mind, check out the fan I found at Briscoes (clearance rate) and the relaxed outdoor seating options from NOOD and ifurniture (between 20 and 50 percent off). Buy now, and you’ve got the rest of this summer to enjoy them, and you’re set for the next.

My shopping is with a university student in mind – one who returns to Otago Uni shortly to embark on his first year of flatting. We’re checking with his flatmates as to who has what, but, if need be, I know I don’t have to go far for items such as a Nutribullet, slow cooker, and toasted sandwich machine … and a mattress topper to make a second-hand bed seem a little newer (the ultra plush and velvety soft one I feature here – currently available at a significantly reduced price – won’t be heading to a student flat though!). Everything on my shopping list is available in our stores, which is good to note when you’re trying to maximise your time outdoors. Point of note: Westgate Lifestyle’s bed stores do have new beds at student-sensitive prices. What’s on offer down in Dunedin, I don’t know, as before I had a chance to check if my son needed any shopping assistance, he’d already transported his pre-loved purchase to his flat on the top of a mate’s car.

If you think you need help shopping, just pop down to Westgate Lifestyle and you’ll be surprised at what jumps out at you. Such a great one-stop shopping destination.

1. Blue Ikat Kantha bedspread, $72, from The Importer |2. HP 14s-DK1017au 14 inch laptop, $799.00, from Warehouse Stationery |3. Goldair Retro mini tripod fan, 20cm GCTP120, $59.99, from Briscoes |4. Mirage B0002 Havana Aquashoe, now $31.99, from Rebel Sport |5. Studio jumbo size bean bag (for both indoor and outdoor), $269.00, from ifurniture |6. RCR Tattoo 368ml hi-ball set of 6, clear, $59.96, from Freedom |7. SwissAlps smart backpack, $32, from Warehouse Stationery |8. KPN waterproof bag 101, $23.99, from Briscoes |9. Solace chair – black, $149.00, from NOOD |10. Bambillo mattress topper, $209, from Harvey Norman.


Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.