23 June 2017

Keeping a house tidy is a job that never goes away and yet it is a job that can be made a whole lot easier with a few space-saving storage ideas. We've pulled together a few of our favourite storage finds, complete with how we'd use them and in what rooms to create a more clutter-free home.

1/ F O R T H E K I T C H E N

Pantries can become cluttered very easily so a little organisation goes a long way. By transferring packaged goods into well-sealed and labeled jars you can see what you need at a glance. Wire baskets are another great way to store veges or appliances that are seldom used, out of the way.

  1. Berk basket $34.95 from Freedom Furniture | 2. Bormioli Rocco Fido Storage Jar $16.99 from Briscoes | 3. Brother label Maker PTouch PTH110 $59.90 from Warehouse Stationery

2/ F O R T H E L I V I N G R O O M

If you have a lot of decorative trinkets and display pieces, a shelf is a great way to show them off in one place and for all those blankets, magazines and kids toys, a seagrass basket looks great and is a practical way to keep spaces clear.

  1. Bedford shelf $179 from Warehouse Stationery | 2. Scandi seagrass baskets from $30 (3 sizes) from The Importer | 3. Versatile Wedge $POA from La-z-boy

3/ F O R T H E B A T H R O O M

Laundry hampers in the bathroom are not only purposeful but they can also create stylish impact in a bathroom. In compact spaces a ladder shelf is a great way to store folded towels, bath salts, lotions and hand mirrors.

  1. Christine Laundry Hamper $89 from Freedom Furniture | 2. Umbra Bask White Shower Caddy $32.99 from Briscoes | 3. Ladder storage shelf $99 from Freedom Furniture

4/ F O R T H E O F F I C E

Quite often bookshelves are a give-in in an office space but consider what you will be putting in them. If you have a lot of files and folders look for a bookcase with both closed and open compartments so that the messier items can be stored away neatly.

1  Rimini storage basket (small) $9.99 from Briscoes | 2.Bari bookshelf by John Young Furniture $1899 from Harvey Norman | 3. Workspace 3 Tier Trolley $129.00 from Warehouse Stationery

5/ F O R T H E K I D S R O O M

This is another room that can get messy easily, with toys and clothes strewn far and wide. Investing in storage cubes and baskets makes the job of tidying up little less time-consuming as you can simply fill the baskets and tuck away for another day. Coat racks help to keep clothes off the floor in a stylish way.

  1. Cubo 3 x 2 Storage unit $439 by Compac Furniture for Harvey Norman | 2. Paintbox coat rack 180cm $139 from Freedom Furniture| 3. Tyg foldable basket x-large $49.99* (on sale) from Nood

6/ F O R T H E L A U N D R Y

Where cupboard space is at a premium you’ll want to keep what is in the cupboard organised and clutter-free. Storage boxes enable you to designate items that belong together in one handy place. Consider using a funky basket as a rubbish bin for a practical and textural touch.

  1. Merion Storage Box (large) grey $24.99 from Briscoes | 2. Peg tin $11.99 from Briscoes | 3. Ando basket $19.95 from Freedom Furniture

7 / F O R T H E G A R A G E

Metal cupboards can hold a myriad of household and hardware items and whats more they are lockable! Use clear storage bins to group together larger items of the same type while still making them easy to find should you need them.

Of course these are just some of the storage solutions you can use for your home and most aren’t limited to having just one defined purpose/use. Perhaps the biggest benefit is having a home where everything is in its place in a more stylish way!



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