13 April 2018

Boredom doesn’t get a look in during these school holidays!

I’m a little bemused as to how it has happened so quickly, but the school holidays are already upon us.

While it is lovely for our young scholars to have a break, with it comes some mind work around how to keep them occupied. Of course, they will have their own ideas, but it’s not silly to inject some stimulating suggestions into the mix and temper the time spent on technology.

There’s bound to be days when the weather is conducive to outdoor activity, such as tossing a frisbee around. If indeed the weather Gods smile upon us, then a camping excursion could be just the thing. Pop up tents make life simple, and if travelling away isn’t an option, then setting up camp in the backyard can still provide a sense of adventure.

As a child, I recall receiving a wee bottle bursting with brightness thanks to its contents – scores of different coloured little love beads. Viewing the craft kits available these days rekindles the feeling of pleasure I experienced creating necklaces, bracelets and rings. Perhaps some craft days could be on the holiday agenda? Take a wander down the craft isles at Warehouse Stationery, for example, and there’s bound to be something to inspire – like, Horrible Science really rotten experiments, cross stitch, modelling clay, glider planes, glitter art, stone painting…

Or how about extending those feelings of creativity to tackle a bedroom revamp. Some additional pops of colour – courtesy of throws, cushions or rugs – will do the job nicely (they can also help snug up a room for those colder nights on the way). Depending on budget, there’s the option of adding pieces of furniture such as a new bedside table or tray, or a chair that folds into a spare bed for when a buddy stays the night.

Kids loving devouring deliciousness. How about letting them loose in the kitchen to fill the cake tins… and learn some life-skills while they are at it. Making their own popcorn is also an option – perfect for marathon movie nights at home.

Enjoy the holidays!

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*Some items are significantly reduced, great timing for the school holidays.
Note: Prices mentioned and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.