15 November 2018

Rose, magenta, coral, blush, lemonade...

I had a “fiesta” themed party to go to recently and happened to ask my 17-year-old son for dress-up inspiration. His idea was that his dad could build me a big box to put around my body and I could then go as a Ford Fiesta. This same child accompanied me shoe shopping, once upon a time, when he was four. He was delighted to see his mummy try on a wedge sandal with an open toe. “I love lots of shoes in this store, mummy, but especially those ones,” he told me. His reasoning was: “I can put my matchbox toys up the top and they can zoom down the ramp and whiz out the end,” the wee master of cuteness said.

And so, you get a glimpse into my life as mother of four sons. Perhaps you will then understand that I get a little excited when I see pink product – even a pink toaster or jug can make me smile. I just love pink and do feel the need every now and then to inject it into my life. So, how much fun did I have this week hunting out pink items in various stores. There’s a lot of pink out there, from yoga mats, to candles (peony rose, no less), to robes, to bed covers, oh … and a pink blender too. I thought the floral (with pink, of course) duvet cover from Harvey Norman was fresh and gorgeous, and I’d possibly get away with it in my bedroom – after all if my husband has a problem with the duck-egg blue painted walls he hasn’t said so. They’re blue, yes, but arguably a feminine kind of blue!

At Freedom Furniture the double-dipping tea towel provides me with double pleasure. Not only is it pink-hued, but it’s in support of a great cause as it’s from the Bellyful range. Freedom is proud to support Bellyful to provide meals for families with new-born babies and young children who are struggling with illness. All proceeds from this range go towards Bellyful. Very cool, I say. And, if ever you needed an incentive to shop, there it is. Happy shopping.

1.Solace Chloe spot blanket, $49.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond | 2. Aromabotanical 200ml body butter freesia and rose, $17.40, from Bed Bath & Beyond |3. PTP yoga mat, $31.99, from Rebel Sport |4. Dip Dye linen cushion magenta/white 50mm by 50mm, $59.99, from NOOD |5. Smeg BLFO1CARU blender, $429, from Kitchen Things |6. Pink blossom flowers, $6.75, from The Importer |7. Double dipping tea towel for Bellyful, $6.95, from Freedom Furniture |8. Flamingo cushion, $20, from The Importer |9. Amble day bed plum/rose, $499, from NOOD |10. Boston living collection candle peony rose 185g, $19.99, from Briscoes |11. Essential Collection waffle bath robe, $89.99, from Briscoes |12. Flora duvet cover set by Baksana, $345, from Harvey Norman.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.