24 April 2018

When I had my first child I instantly lost not only 2930 grams of baby weight, I lost a piece of my heart.

I tell expectant women that becoming a mother can be likened to having part of your heart walking around outside your body forever. Such is mother love.

It is a massive love force, given that the love of a mother is unconditional.

Motherhood brings with it many proud moments, many rewards and poignant moments that will caress your heart.

But, motherhood is hard slog. It is a tough and challenging job, especially because, for many, it’s the job we strive to do better than any other. It is a unique blend of the practical with the emotional and can indeed be considered a manic pursuit – full of emotional highs and lows.

Another thing about motherhood, it is most certainly worth celebrating. So, let’s do exactly that. In the lead-up to Mother’s Day (May 13) let’s take some time to find a gift for our mums.

Mums being mums, they will probably appreciate any gift, but why not go the extra mile and find something that’s spot on suitable. It could be a big-ticket item like a super-comfortable chair (maybe a recliner so there’s a footstool, like the one pictured from La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery) – after all motherhood and busy-ness are pretty much synonymous so let’s encourage her to put her feet up and take some time out. (I love those comfy chairs big enough to fit mother and child – as pictured here from Hunter Furniture.) It could be something deliciously feminine, and it could be something that will make her laugh (like the see, hear and speak no evil tower from NOOD, after all, in her eyes you can probably do no wrong, ha ha.) It may be something that really doesn’t cost very much – I’m including some items here to suit the young shoppers too with not so much in their piggy banks. How about buying something and adding your stamp to it – for example, a candy jar from Briscoes, which you can fill with some of her favourites (you could always slip a Tank or St Pierres voucher in there.)

Happy shopping. Remember you will not just be presenting her with a physical gift, you will also show, by your actions, that she has raised a genuinely nice and caring being. And that’s enough to warm a mother’s heart.

1. Bayley wine rack (large) $195.00 from Forest Furniture | 2. The don lounge chair $1439.00 from Hunter Furniture | 3. Smeg benchtop coffee machine $649 from Kitchen Things | 4. Textured cosy slippers $9.90 from Bed Bath & Beyond | 5. Super-thick pearl shaggy rug white 1.6×2.3m $679.00 from Rugs & More | 6. Adidas linear performance gym bag 15.6 litres $17.99 at Rebel Sport | 7. Hear no evil $49.99 from NOOD | 8. Design plus delilah cosmetic toilet bag $17.99 from Briscoes | 9. Akori cushion 35x55cm $50.00 from Freedom | 10. Maxwell & Williams candy jar $11.99 from Briscoes | 11. Jakarta mirror 500×500 $169.00 from The Bed Shop |1 2. Anika rocker recliner $1,499.00 from La-Z-Boy.

Note: Prices mentioned and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.