18 March 2021

I was going to write about autumnal colours and snugging things up at home, but there’s plenty of time for that. Can you tell I am in denial – reluctant to say au revoir to my favourite season. As long as I can still jump into an unheated body of water, it is still summer!

Instead, I am focusing on the little people.  I have some special people in my life currently enjoying the “mothers in waiting” stage so precious babies are front of mind for me. A whip around the shops was all it took to confirm there are plenty of possible gifts ready for the purchasing, including items for toddlers.



First out of the starting blocks (in terms of things to mention) is the glow in the dark blanket. How cute is that – and it comes in different colours. Bubs will be extra happy to move from the cot to a big kid’s bed if you happened to have the frog bed (which I found at ifurniture) in the house. The Willie whale basket (there’s an elephant one too) would be excellent for toy storage.

My friends who are expecting are, no doubt, getting their bubs’ bedrooms ready and so I was attracted to the “love” wall light, the photo frames and the merry-go-round night light. They’re clever mammas who may well like the array of educational toys available at Harvey Norman… I just went straight for the starter kit suited for a little genius. I could, of course, gift them with a Westgate Lifestyle gift voucher so they can have fun selecting exactly what they like – such a special time to be making shopping choices.

Back to my shopping … “I don’t like teddy bears” said nobody. Ever. The one at NOOD is extra special as it’s designed to be heated up in the microwave so it’s extra snuggly and warm.

Of course, there are all sorts of gorgeous child-focused cushions and toys and bedding available at Westgate Lifestyle stores too.

Finally, I may well be showing my age, but I had no idea those dump trucks still existed – they were cool when I was a kid, and they’re still cool, I reckon. How much fun I will have one day when grandchildren enter my life. In the meantime, it’s all good to be buying for others.




1.Willie whale basket 35cm, $54.95, from Freedom Furniture |2. Disney Minnie face photo frame 19.5×21.5cm from Briscoes |3. CAAE heavy equipment dump truck, $35, Harvey Norman |4.Love script wall light, $21.95 from Freedom Furniture |5. Niko & Co glow in the dark blanket, $19.90 from Bed Bath & Beyond |6. Legare frog single size toddler bed, $369.00, from ifurniture |7.Night light merry go-round, pink, $39.91, from Lighting Direct |8. Huggable bear warmer-light, $49.99, from NOOD |9. Disney Thumper photo frame, 18x18cm, $19.99 from Briscoes |10. Osmo Little Genius starter kit, $179.00, from Harvey Norman.


Note: The prices mentioned, and availability of products featured, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store sooner rather than later to find out more and make the most of sale prices.