30 August 2017

Adding a rug to your living space is one of the simplest ways to transform the look and feel of a room. Whether large or small, heavily patterned or plain how you place your rug can be just as impactful as what you choose. We've rounded up 6 of our favourite rugs and how you can position them for best effect. Check out some of our ideas and tips below:

1. Small-medium rug at centre with front feet (of armchairs) on the outer edges

When deciding where your rug should go, scale is a good thing to consider. Small-medium rugs can appear dwarfed by large furniture so choosing smaller items makes for a better fit. Two armchairs placed at the edges of the rug can make the surface area of the rug feel large and uncluttered while a small coffee table helps to maintain a sense of proportion.

Features: Circles natural handwoven rug $169 – The Importer

2. Medium-large rug placed at the centre to bottom of the bed with overhang

A feature rug under the bed is a great way to add warmth, texture and vibrance especially if your decor is otherwise plain. However,  in order for a rug to make a statement under the bed there needs to be enough of it on display. A good tip to keep in mind is the bigger the bed, the bigger the rug!

Features: Richmond floor rug $1499 – Hunter Furniture

3. Layering a medium sized feature rug over a large jute rug with sofa on outer edge

For when you already have a rug that you love but also want to add in some colour and texture.  To help maintain a sense of connection between the smaller rug and the larger rug we’ve placed furniture on both; smaller pieces on the smaller rug and a large sofa on the outer edge of the large rug for a more unified look.

Features: Kanya rug (top) from $799 – Bed Bath & Beyond & Madras rug (bottom) $199 – Freedom Furniture

4. A large sized rug underneath a dining table with chairs on the outer edges

A large rug placed under the dining table may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it can help to break up a space. Similar to 2, in order to make the most of a colourful rug you’ll want to choose one that is slightly larger than the size of your table while also giving the chairs something to be connected to.

Features: Kalla floor rug $290* – Nood

5. A x-large rug underneath a dining table with all furniture within rug surface area

As an alternative to 4 and for bags of x-factor (and grandeur) you can swap a large rug for an extra large rug which would easily house the whole dining suite while still leaving plenty of the rug on display. This configuration is ideal for large open-plan spaces where you want to make the dining area a real feature of the room.

Features: Madras rug $199 – Freedom Furniture

* Some items featured are currently on sale and prices and availability are subject to change. We recommend heading in store to shop the styles.