11 November 2020

Writing a blog with a focus on “gifts for her” is always a favourite of mine.

It’s an opportunity to just go shop and be wowed by lots of loveliness. There’s so much that smells gorgeous, like soaps, hand creams, candles and diffusers; so many things that look so pretty like beach bags, kaftans, mugs, and cosmetic packaging; and there’s the tactile treats like deliciously soft throws, cushions and velvet furniture. Some shopping excursions are just more of a sensory treat than others and “gifts for her” shopping is right up there.


Of course, we all know that wants and needs are part of the shopping equation. In amongst this recent shopping experience I found things I need – like the running shorts in Rebel – and things that just make me go “ohhh”.The beaded contemporary chandelier was a stand-out at Lighting Direct; as was the beach bag studded with floral detail that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond. I know I don’t need the Eames replica bird I found at NOOD, but it certainly caught my eye as an architectural decor detail.

And isn’t it great when something can serve a functional purpose but be an aesthetic pleaser at the same time. My children know, for example, that my hot drinks and wine need to be served in mugs and glasses that I love the look (or feel) of. Tick that box and things taste better as it’s a better experience. There are plenty of beautiful mugs to be found at Briscoes and this could be an idea if you are thinking of end-of-year gift buying for schoolteachers, music tutors, sport coaches etc. Chose one to suit and perhaps fill it up with some edible treats or pop a soap inside. You get the idea! Or just buy that beautiful reusable coffee cup I have featured here.

People tend to find it easier to buy for “her” rather than “him”. So, tune in next time when I deal with that other side of the equation and maybe dispel some myths along the way.  In the meantime, embrace the florals, the pinks and the pretty.


1.Santorini fabric two-seater, Tiffany mint, $1,695, from The Importer |2. Replica Eames Bird, old gold, $219, from NOOD |3. Koralky 3L pendant, white, $395.94, from Lighting Direct |4. Homedics gentle touch home gel massage cushion. $169, from Harvey Norman |5. Nike women’s one 7 inch short, $43.99, from Rebel Sport |6. Rogue rose peony bouquet, 27 cm, $27.95, from Freedom |7. Seaside Supplies, Stella floral beach bag, $34.90, from Bed Bath & Beyond |8. Murchison and Hume hand cream, 500ml, $29.95, from Freedom Furniture |9. Forley weave throw – old gold, $199, from NOOD |10. Ecoffee reusable coffee cup Miscoso Quatro, 400ml, $12.50, from Briscoes.

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