09 May 2018

You know how it is when you see something that is perfectly suited to a specific person. It’s a great feeling when you are out gift buying and there’s the answer right in front of you. Or perhaps you’re not even out looking but something jumps out at you. I had that feeling when I saw the quirky unicorn shower cap (pictured), which I am so going to buy for my bald brother. He and I will both have a laugh. There’s something so satisfying about buying a gag gift – you have the anticipation of the recipient’s response. Mirth is a great thing to observe and share.

Many of us buy gifts throughout the year, way ahead of giving time. For example, Christmas shopping can happen at any time of the year for me… basically it’s when I find the right thing. Or it may be that I am purchasing to stock my random gift box – you know, where you have something ready just in case (a recent addition is the cloche with fairy lights from NOOD, which I mentioned in an earlier blog). While that gift box includes the likes of lovely soaps, candles and linens, it also includes fun finds and gag gifts. With younger folk in mind, I’m about to add the Silly Scents Marker Maker – the recipient of this gift will get to scratch and sniff. How much fun would that be?

Flora the flamingo toy, a plantosaurus, wind up wooden animals, buddhas (happy and otherwise), “baking is my superpower” aprons and oven mitts are amongst the many other fun finds that can be found in the Westgate Lifestyle stores.

If you haven’t yet nailed your Mother’s Day gift buying responsibilities, it could be that one of these fun suggestions that provides the answer.

So, get shopping, and have fun!

1. Dachsie drought stop $79.99 from NOOD | 2. Stir-crazy apron $29.99 from Briscoes | 3. Orangutan bookends set 2pc $89.99 from NOOD | 4. Shower curtain (Cloud 9-owl) from $24.99 from Briscoes | 5. Resin cactus (green or white) 24cm tall $34.95 from The Importer | 6. Silly scents marker maker $40.00 from Warehouse Stationery | 7. Vintage Indian beer tray $75.00 from The Importer | 8. Unicorn shower cap $24.99 from NOOD | 9. Ceramic turquoise pineapple from $30.00 from The Importer | 10. Animal hooded towels $12.00 from Bed, Bath & Beyond | 11. Bath mitt animals $3.40 from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Note: Prices mentioned and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.