03 October 2017

Making over your home can be as simple as bringing new lights into the mix. A showstopping pendant over a dining table can make a room feel grand while a simple uplight can shine a light on your favourite objects. If you're in the mood for new lighting, here are a few of our favourites including how to make the most of them in your space.

1. Layer your lighting

There are plenty of ways to lift the appeal of your lighting. For instance, you could hang 3 or 4 pendant lights above the main table at different heights or you could simply create a few focal points around the room by offsetting your main lights with smaller lights of different heights/types (like table lamps and floor lamps).

a. Boden natural timber.28 pendant $209.30* (was $299) by Lighting Plus | b. Bol floor lamp $599 by Nood | c. Stoic table lamp $159.90 by Lighting Direct | d. Eccentric table lamp $79.95 by Freedom Furniture

2. Go tonal

Too many different lights in one area can begin to feel a little crowded so look for lights in fabrics and textures that compliment your colour scheme without overtaking the space. Natural fabrics like linen and hemp in light shades create a soft diffused light while metallic and glass accents will add some much needed edge without being too showy.

a. Malt.22 pendant – rose gold $74.50* (was $149.00) by Lighting Plus | b. Olivia Table lamp – clear $59.99 by Briscoes | c. Layla floor lamp – copper $79.99 by Briscoes | d. Juma ceiling pendant $189 by Freedom Furniture

3. Balance dark with light

Dark colours are a great way to make a room feel more moody and elegant and yet all that depth of colour would benefit from a little contrast. Metallic surfaces not only help to reflect light but when paired with dark colours, look incredibly opulent. Another trick to create the feel of light and opulence is to position table lamps and statement lighting within view of a mirror which in turn creates the illusion of more space and light in its reflection.

a. Cape Kidnappers Lamp $215 by The Importer| b. Jala.26 pendant $115.50* (was $165) by Lighting Plus | c. Freddie table lamp $39.99 by Lighting Plus| d. Raphael mirror 80x180cm $549 by Freedom Furniture

4. Showcase your favourite spaces

If you were going to have one statement light in your home, a statement pendant over the dining table would be a good choice! Cluster lights are great for creating a more cosy setting and they look particularly showstopping hung low over the table. The key thing to keep in mind is that you can still see your guests clearly across the other side!

a. Agar 5 light glass pendant $230.30* (was $329.00) by Lighting Plus | b. Arianna ceiling pendant $519 by Freedom Furniture c. | Coron ceiling pendant 95cm $199 by Freedom Furniture | d. Latte 42w LED 7lt pendant $699.30* (was $999) by Lighting Plus

5. Shine a light on your favourite objects/activities

Whether it’s a favourite indoor plant or a beloved reading nook, consider placing a light next to a favourite chair or object to make it more of a feature in the room. Uplights are great for shining a light on a special piece of artwork or a wall hanging and table lights beside comfy chairs encourage the need to want to rest and read a book.

a. Catena polish lamp $279.90 by Lighting Direct | b. Atelier 960mm wall light $249.90 by Lighting Direct | c. Prado floor lamp $143.40 (was $239) by Lighting Plus | d. Henry silver desk lamp $195 by The Importer