10 July 2017

Making a furniture purchase is a big investment and aside from the obvious questions of what colour and style to choose, performance should also be a major consideration. Given that we spend a lot of time indoors in winter, now (more than most) is a great time to introduce you to 4 of our favourite upholstery choices and why we think you might like them too.


Aside from the fact that jute is seemingly always in style, it also has another appealing plus-point; durability.

Derived from the strong stem fibres of plants, jute can be found in a number of applications from carpets to baskets and of course, rugs. The warm earthy tone works in almost any setting and with most colour palettes and while it isn’t immune to stains (which are best removed quickly with water and a soft bristle brush) it simply needs vaccuming once or twice a week to maintain.

Given that jute rugs are famously textural they can often appear coarse to sit on and yet they are easily softened with the help of sheepskin rugs or by layering over carpet.

Aardvark jute rug $125 from Briscoes


It’s plush, luxurious and surprisingly practical.

Despite the fact that velvet is very ‘on trend’ at the moment, in jewelled tones and on cushions, pillow cases, throws and yes, sofas it can hold its own in terms of wearability and stain-resistance.

While not bullet-proof, velvet requires light maintenance in the form of vacuuming once a week (to remove dust build up)and any spills should be soaked up immediately with a handi towel first before being air-dried.

While ironing velvet is a big no-no, it can certainly keep looking good for longer with a gentle steam clean or occasional dry clean.

a. Windsor round velvet cushion $69 from Harvey Norman | b. Natural velvet cushion $59 from The Importer | c. Adele ottoman $169 from Freedom Furniture


Hands down one of the most versatile upholstery fabrics around and rightly so too! Leather is undoubtedly the first thought that springs to mind when considering longevity and stain resistance.

Its wipe and walk away nature makes it a popular choice for high traffic zones and bustling families with small children and yet like any investment piece it will benefit greatly from regular maintenance in the form of a leather cleaner applied every other week or as directed.

Danbert 3-seater sofa – tan $4999.50* from Nood


The rise and rise of engineered fabrics now means that buying a sofa in a deceptively soft fabric is now a reality for most households, even bustling ones.

Ultrasuede and/or microfibre are synthetic fabrics (usually containing polyester and/or nylon) and are designed to be just as durable as leather, yet are surprisingly more affordable.

As for maintenance, vacuuming with the= fabric brush attachment every once in a while helps to reduce dust build-up and most spills can be dabbed, rubbed or brushed out with the recommended cleaning solutions (which vary from style to style). It is also often okay to wash microfibre fabrics too.

Anderson MKII Sofabed 2.5S Napa $1679.00 (charcoal) from Freedom Furniture


When it comes to deciding what fabrics will work best for your environment and as a last little consideration, the colour, pattern and textures you choose can also help to disguise wear over time.

For instance a heavily patterned rug or sofa will likely continue to look good for longer due to the busy fabric and also darker colours generally hide any marks that may occur better than lighter ones.

Textured fabrics can also track well over a longer period in much the same way that a pattern might but a word of a caution. Some textured fabrics can be harder to remove stains from so before making your decision, consider the likelihood of wear and tear (and upkeep) before deciding.

a. Kanya rug $399 from Bed Bath & Beyond | b. Mongolian lamb pelt $299 from Nood | c. Martinique floor rug $799 from Hunter Furniture

NOTE: Prices and product styles mentioned are subject to change at any time. We recommend heading in-store to avoid disappointment.