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If you haven’t heard about it already, we’re excited to announce an expansion of Sylvia Park which is going to take your favourite shopping centre to the next level.

Sylvia Park parking expansion

You can find all the details of the expansion here


Due to this awesome new development – which we’re undertaking to make your experience at the centre even better – we will be making some changes to roads and access.

So we can work on a new multideck carpark, the entrance from and exit to Carbine Road will no longer connect to the centre. There are four other ways to access the centre – via one of the three entrances on Mt Wellington Highway and via Musket Place, which is accessible from Waipuna Road.

For those walking and catching public transport, no need to worry! Pedestrian access to the centre and railway station will still be available as usual.

On completion of this carpark, the road will reopen and you’ll be able to enter the centre from Carbine Road and gain direct access to the carpark and the new Galleria level of Sylvia Park. At this time there will be around 5,000 carparks available at Sylvia Park. We can’t wait!

While we are under construction we understand that your preferred parking space may now be unavailable for use. We have a live parking system on our website so you can check in real-time where carparks are available around the centre before you visit. We also have digital signage around the carparks for your convenience.

You may also notice hoardings erected in the area around Hannahs. This allows works to commence in this area. We encourage you to visit sylviapark.org, the centre’s Facebook page or the Customer Service desk if you need any assistance in finding a store.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding while we undertake this work. We’re excited to bring the next stage of our journey to life and take Sylvia Park to the next level.


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