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  • Ranisha Chand image

    Ranisha Chand

    Ranisha is the ambassador for the Shakti Youth Group. She speaks at assemblies and has a group of over 50 students working on initiatives. She organised a youth March against violence and has co-facilitated workshops at an Auckland Young Feminist Hui.

    She seeks to empower students of migrant and refugee backgrounds to break the cycles of family violence.
  • Dharshna Baskar image

    Dharshna Baskar

    Dharshna uses her passion for dance into making other people’s lives better.

    She is a leader and an organiser who wants to bring dance schools together to dance for charity. She has a spark that will drive her forward into changing this world.
  • Alex Jones image

    Alex Jones

    Alex had been battling with anxiety, and it had reached a crisis point.

    Alex experienced panic attacks and an inability to live a normal life, but was determined not to let this beat her. And as she worked hard from home and undertook intense psychotherapy, she continued achieving excellence.
    Alex became a strong leader and a generous advocate for mental health, and she is now ‘Hope’ for so many other kids.
  • Willie Smith image

    Willie Smith

    Willie has a strong sense of community. He organised to have the historic church in his school’s property rejuvenated. He is hardworking and a leader that always encourages other kids to join. His sense of community is far beyond his years.
  • Solana Carpenter image

    Solana Carpenter

    Solana is a passionate person who wants to use science to assist students with dyslexia. She has researched that alternative fonts can make learning easier for people who have dyslexia and is approaching school book publishing companies to push for change. She knows how hard learning with dyslexia can be and is taking full leadership on making her project come to life.
  • Ba Phong Pham image

    Ba Phong Pham

    Ba Phong is an incredibly active student and a wonderful organiser working on community services projects. He is the chairperson of the Youth Health Council and is active in promoting Human Rights in a diverse world. Students like Ba Phong will be the leaders of tomorrow.

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  • Program 1 This program is for students who demonstrate one of these values: Do what’s right, passion for excellence, knows how to lead or are people-people. Winners and finalists will win prizes and a certificate.
  • Program 2 This program is for students who would like to undertake a project that will benefit others. Winners and finalists will win prizes and a certificate.