28 July 2020

Looking for the perfect gift?





A Kiwi Property gift card from Sylvia Park has it all.

Perfect for the person who seems to have it all. Perfect for the person whose personal tastes might be a little difficult to pick for. Perfect for the person who loves shopping, dining and entertainment at Sylvia Park, and perfect for the person who you’d love to let choose their own gift.

Perhaps we’re their favourite shopping centre. Perhaps they also like to shop at Centre Place or at The Base in Hamilton! A Kiwi Property gift card can be used at both (plus LynnMall, Sylvia Park Lifestyle, and Westgate Lifestyle in Auckland, The Plaza in Palmerston North, and Northlands in Christchurch, if you’re sending a present away!)

Redeem at more than 800 stores around New Zealand for a perfectly stress-free gift, from as low as $10. Simply top up with your desired amount and you’re on your way!

Choose your preferred design and buy a gift card for Sylvia Park from our customer service desk.

*Gift card terms of use apply.