15 September 2020

At Sylvia Park, sustainability is about way more than reducing plastic bag usage.

Rotating plastic bottle


Kiwi Property’s sustainability programme has been operating for more than 16 years and is an important part of our value proposition.

Like many companies, when we embarked on our sustainability programme, we started with a focus on implementing environmental initiatives that would reduce operating costs and allow us to tread more lightly on this planet.

Today, we deliver for our stakeholders by taking a holistic approach to investment management, with a focus on commitments across people, plant and profit.

Kiwi Property – Kiwi Property Sustainability Report 2021.

We’re all about the environment

Wanna know what’s timeless, classic, beautiful and always on trend? Our beautiful country, New Zealand!

We want to help keep it that way, and thanks to funding from Auckland Council, we’ve been focusing heavily on sustainability at Sylvia Park – how we can preserve our spot in this corner of the world for future generations, and how we hope to inspire our customers to do the same.

As New Zealand’s largest shopping centre, we have over 250 retailers, including a food court and dining lane, ultimately resulting in a large output of waste. It would be easy to shrug our shoulders and not pay mind to this – but we reckon us Kiwis are better than that!

In our first month of this new initiative, we had a 9.42 tonne reduction in waste going to landfills – that’s about the weight of three large African elephants! – and 44% less waste than this time last year. We estimate this project will divert 136 tonnes of landfill waste per year, and we’re stoked that the recycling rate at Sylvia Park is now consistently at around 75%.

But sustainability isn’t just about preserving the environment, it’s also about helping it flourish – which is what the grinds from your coffees is helping to do, with approximately 20 tonnes of coffee grinds being used on our gardens!

Keep an eye out for the gardens next time you visit, because you’re helping them grow! And remember that every single plastic lid, cup or bag you buy at the centre is being disposed of thoughtfully. We’d like to say thanks so much to Auckland Council for helping us to help the environment – we couldn’t do it without ya! Arohanui.