29 November 2018

Parking has just gotten easier. We've opened 600 new carparks at Sylvia Park.


You don’t often hear the words ‘new carpark and ‘free’ in the same sentence but we’ve pulled it off and we hope this will make your next visit to Sylvia Park easier. If you come in off Mount Wellington Highway, follow the ring road (and the signs!) towards the train station, and if you’re coming in off Waipuna Road, turn left and follow the signs past the train station. Keep an eye out for the cool green façade with signage saying ‘carpark 2’.

Head into this carpark and you will find 600 freshly-marked spaces, additional EV charging stations and accessible parking, so you can make the most of your visit.

Parking in this carpark is perfect for people wishing to visit Sylvia Park’s fashion retailers, as the entrance in to the centre from the carpark comes out near LUSH and Zara.

To make things even easier click here to look at real-time carpark updates, so before you leave home you can find the best place to park!


Parking terms and time limits may apply. Read all signage carefully.