29 August 2018

Finding the perfect present for someone can be daunting. Lucky for you, we have the absolute lowdown on funky knick-knack gifts you can find in Sylvia Park Lifestyle!

You know how it is when you see something that is perfectly suited to a specific person. It’s a great feeling when you are out gift buying and there’s the answer right in front of you. Or perhaps you’re not even out looking but something jumps out at you. The book lamp made me think of a girlfriend who wears a miner’s headlamp to bed when she wants to read – and doesn’t want to disturb her husband. Then, while scrolling on-line recently I saw a quirky unicorn shower cap, which I bought for my bald brother. He and I will both have a laugh. There’s something so satisfying about buying a gag gift – you have the anticipation of the recipient’s response. Mirth is a great thing to observe and share.

Many of us buy gifts throughout the year, way ahead of giving time. For example, Christmas shopping can happen at any time of the year for me… basically it’s when I find the right thing. The cosy Christmas pants I found at Ezibuy will so be added to my collection. Or it may be that I am purchasing to stock my random gift box – you know, where you have something ready just in case. While that gift box includes the likes of lovely soaps, candles and linens, it also includes fun finds and gag gifts.

Orangutan bookends, buddhas, a pretend cactus, and a sweet cheeks rub are amongst the many other fun finds that can be found in the Sylvia Park stores. And check out those table tennis notebooks for batting some ideas around. Plus, I have to admit, I was a tad excited when I found the packs of cards featuring games like Old Maid, Snap, Go Fish, Happy Families – a blast from the past.

If you haven’t yet nailed your Father’s Day gift buying responsibilities, it could be that one of these fun suggestions provides the answer. Chances are you won’t be able to afford to buy a porsche, but I found a wood craft version and it is 3D. Is that helpful?! If not, we could resort to the bionic ball I found – perfect, after all, for man’s best friend.

1. Buddha, 30cm, four colours, $34.95 from The Importer | 2. Arbee wooden 3D porsche model kit, $7.99 from Spotlight |3. Orangatan bookends – gold, two piece, $26.99 from NOOD |4. Lamp Led booklight, $9.79 from NOOD |5. Next Christmas patterned cosy cuffed bottom, $32.00 from Ezibuy |6. Table tennis note books, $14.99 from Design Store |7. Classic card games, $18.99. from Design Store |8. Bionic ball medium dog toy, $25.94, from Animates |9. Sweet cheeks hot cheeks, $22.99 from Torpedo7 |10. Resin cactus, two colours, 24cm, $34.95 from The Importer.

Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.