04 April 2017

Cooler temperatures have a tendency to make us want to head indoors, change up our interior spaces and create a more cosy and inviting home. If you're looking to style-up your space in a subtle and timeless way here are some great neutral finds for less than $50:

1. TRINKET HOLDER from Bed Bath & Table $29.99

Store all your trinkets in a beautiful holder. Far better than having them strewn across a table, don’t you think?!

2. THROW CUSHION from Adairs $34.99

One of the easiest ways to add texture and interest! Mix it up with different colours and fabrics.

3. THE YEAR OF COZY by Adrianna Adarme from Whitcoulls $44.95

The perfect coffee table book. Adrianna is a master at creating beautifully simple ideas and recipes for a cosier home.

4. WALL ART PRINT from The Warehouse $6.00

Create a focal point by drawing the eye to a captivating piece of art.

5. NATURALS COASTAL CANDLE from Acqusitions $34.99

There is always room for more than one type of candle in your home like a fresh and invigorating scent for the bathroom perhaps?

6. LIME & MINT AROMATHERAPY CO. SOAP from Whitcoulls $16.99

It’s the little things that make those ordinary tasks feel special like a beautiful bar of soap.

7. GLASS TERRARIUM/PLANT HOLDER from The Warehouse $15.00

A pot plant holder that looks like a piece of art on the kitchen bench is always a good idea!

8. MACRAME WALL HANGING from The Warehouse $12.00

Macrame is having a moment! Perfect for that spot on the wall that begs for a subtle touch of texture and interest.

9. WHITE URN from Adairs $38.95

Simple crisp white urns are timeless and work with either modern or traditional interiors.

10. DECORATIVE VASE from Bed Bath & Beyond $24.99

Besides being the perfect place to house those blooms, this vase could look just as lovely on its own too.

11. POM POM CUSHION from The Warehouse $25.00

What better way than velvet and pom pom detailing to help liven up a plain couch.

12. DECORATIVE STONE 'LIVE' HEART from Aqcuisitions $11.99

A decorative stone trinket that carries a fitting reminder to all who see it.

13. WOVEN BASKET from The Warehouse $14.00

A beautifully handy place to store toys, books, newspapers and magazines or a potted plant.

14. MARBLE COASTERS from Adairs $23.05

Marble accessories are a great way to add a little luxe to your home. It helps that they also serve a handy use too!

15. AMBER TEALIGHT HOLDERS from The Warehouse $10.00

Tealight candles are an inexpensive way to create soft and subtle mood lighting. Perfect for bathrooms or outdoor table settings.

Note: * Prices and availability of items mentioned may change.  For more information please head in-store.