11 August 2017

The saying "cheap as chips" isn't typically what you'd associate with a date night. A quality night where you're trying to impress your significant other can be pricey, but Alice Wilkinson shares her tips on how a budget-friendly date at Sylvia Park can be done.


There’s quite a selection of eateries at Sylvia Park, and many more to look forward to with the additions to the dining lane, The Grove, opening later this year. Newly-opened Better Burger is the way to go for your date night on a budget; they have the best and cheapest double cheese burger I’ve ever had! Better Burger is perfect for the broke students, or the budget-conscious romantics out there trying to impress their partners. The burgers are delicious and the fries are even better (also, did you know that you can get epic loaded fries from their secret menu?!) There’s no way to your lover’s heart than with food, right? The burgers from Better Burger have such Instagram-worthy presentation that your date won’t feel like you’re fobbing them off with cheap food, and you’re not breaking the bank with their coffee prices! It’s a double cheesy win for the sake of love. See the menu and prices here.

Alternatively, Sylvia Park’s foodcourt is full of options at a mean price. From donburi, fish and chips, kebabs, pasta and more, the foodcourt’s open until 7pm Saturday-Wednesday, and ‘til 9pm on Thursday-Friday.


Movies are always best seen on the big screen, and seeing them at Sylvia Park in a big comfortable seat or in the premium LUX cinema is a total winner for a date night. There’s nothing better than having your dinner and movies in the same place, with Better Burger being just outside the escalator to HOYTS.  The Big Sick was my movie of choice, and I can’t recommend it enough! It touched my heart and I spent the entire movie in a constant state of giggles. Plus, what’s not to love about sharing a gigantic bucket of popcorn with your special someone?!

Handy hint for your next movie visit: Tickets are cheaper on Super Tuesdays, so if you want to catch the latest flick on the fly, you do not have an excuse not to go.


If you still have room after your delicious burger, then treat yo’self to adorable cupcakes from Macho Mini. With their cute little caravan, only a hop, skip and jump away from HOYTS, you can easily grab a few cupcakes for a sweet treat. At $3 per cupcake, and 10% off if you buy four, it’s a steal. I can vouch for the mint choc cupcake; it changed my life. Raspberry White choc and Rocky Road were also favourites from our night out. Macho Mini donate a portion of their sales to Canteen, which means we can enjoy life-changing cupcakes and help young people who are living with cancer. Good vibes all around.

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