27 July 2018

The shortest day of the year may have been and gone but we weren’t brought down in the last shower.

We know summer is still hiding behind clouds while winter does a mighty fine job of lingering. Having a home that looks and feels snug helps take some of the dismal out of winter days.

How to snug your home up for winter? Creating an interior design look to suit the season doesn’t need to be costly and buying new furniture is most certainly not mandatory – but it may well be that you opt to add a fire-side chair.

While an inclination to de-clutter and minimalise appears to go hand-in-hand with summer, the urge to cosy-up is a winter thing. Top up the dining room table, for example, with a runner, candles, and nuts or pinecones in baskets for a winter look.

Winter is the time to pack away the white and bright cotton summer throws and replace with warm and deep-coloured fur or knitted woollen varieties (I found some beauties at The Design Store and Spotlight, for example).  That soft and tactile appeal also works for cushions. Such feel-good cushions provide the perfect headrest for those languishing-by-the-fire (or under the heat pump or alongside the heater) moments. Bring out the footstools too for that touch of comfort during long nights indoors. Think snug, think rug.  Roll out the rugs – they provide warmth underfoot and visually too. Correct lighting offers wonderful ambience. If you are planning lighting for your house, think dimmers, wall lights and lamps – fairy lights add a touch of magic.  All are great for achieving a snugly, winter atmosphere. You may even choose to change your ornaments to suit the season.  A cluster of glass bottles, for example, may be replaced by the more solid look of pottery in winter. Adding a winter-appropriate look to bedrooms is also simple. Add cushions to the pillow pile for a snugly effect; change the duvet to a warmer colour and add an end-of-bed throw.  Some people even opt to change their bedside lampshades – glass for summer, for example, and upholstered for winter.

Check out the Tip Box below and head on down to our shops for the little things that can make a big difference in warming up your home during our chilliest of seasons.


Think colour | Warm and deep colours are associated with winter.

Think texture | Furs and woollen fabrics are great for throws and cushions.

Think accessories | Bring out the rugs, warm throws, pottery and ceramics.

Think furniture placement | Move furniture closer together.  If you have a fireplace, make it a focal point to arrange seating around.

Think lighting | Create a snug environment through discrete and strategic lighting.

  1. Charcoal two-tone mohair wool blend throw, from The Design Store, $99.99 | 2. Fairy lights warm white, from The Design Store, $9,99 |3. Arras cushion 50x50cm, Freedom Furnishing, $19.95 |4. Dachie draught stop (black), NOOD, $31.99 |5. Sorrento push back recliner, from La-Z-Boy, Fabric from RRP $1,799 |6. Terra-cotta lamp, cool grey, short, from NOOD, $99.50 |7. Pumpkin chair, from Furniture Now, $399.00 |8. Koo Delux cable knit, The Importer, $169.99 |9. Stripes heatset rug multi-coloured 160 by 230 cm, from Spotlight, $99.00 |10. Anthology vase, assorted colours, Amalfi, from The Design Store, $14.99 |11. Red scented ball candles, The Importer, large $7.50, medium $4, small $1.20 |12. Annan Frenchstyle footstool, charcoal, from The Importer, $350.

Note: Prices mentioned and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.