01 February 2023

I can buy myself flowers…!  but this Valentine’s Day, I’d rather not.

Valentine’s Day is coming in fast.  And while the tried and true flowers and chocolates are always there as a backup, one of the best ways you can show a bit of love this February 14 is by grabbing a gift that goes beyond the ordinary and highlights how much you know and care about the recipient.  Think items that they’ll use often (remembering you every time!), that make their life better (just like you!) or spoil them with luxe treats they covet but may not buy for themselves.


As always… ladies first.  Here are a few of my favourite finds from Sylvia Park.

1 | Slip Bras N Things, 2 | Fragrance Farmers, 3 | Bath bomb Lush, 4 | Bracelet Pandora, 5 | Bear The Warehouse, 6 | Photo frame Acquisitions.


The guys can be tricky to buy for – especially if the relationship is fairly new.  A few of my faves are below – but another great option is to grab a giftbox from Good Stuff or Whitcoulls and fill it with his favourite treats.

1 | Playstation controller EB Games / ZiNG, 2 | Wallet & Bag Strandbags, 3 | Docking station Acquisitions, 4 | Water bottle Kmart, 5 | Activity tracker Noel Leeming.


Shopping for your galentine – or, better still, yourself?  No excuse needed – but gratefully accepted.  Treat yourself or your bestie with these – all on my list!

1 | Skincare Farmers, 2 | Mug Acquisitions, 3 | Key rings Kmart, 4 | Kobo e-reader & notebook Noel Leeming, 5 | Shoes Merchant 1948.


All that’s left is to plan a great date night.  If you’re eating out this Valentine’s Day, make sure you book early to get a great spot at your Sylvia Lane favourite.

 Happy Valentine’s Day lovers!