09 August 2019

I never know what’s going to happen when I go into Kmart. Will I be 5 minutes? 5 hours? Will I spend $5? $500? Who knows!?

New homewares


It’s no secret, Kmart is coming to Sylvia Park and we are VERY excited. Good thing it’s going to be open 24/7. Now I can spend heaps of time pondering these highly philosophical questions down the aisles of shiny and new. What’s better than 24/7, you ask? Kmart has just dropped their new homewares range, and it is AMAZING. I’ve pulled out a few things to share from my To Buy list.

The first thing on my list… woven decor. I’m really loving this natural look below. I can’t wait to pair that room separator back with a few of these accessories to create another chill out space!


New homeware products from Kmart


1. Timber occasional chair | 2. Rattan look pot holder | 3. Tall artifical palm tree


Secondly, you don’t go to Kmart because you need something. You go to Kmart and let Kmart tell you what you need. Like these mirrored beauties. How stunning could your bathroom be? Also, hello ring light friend! My morning makeup routine just got that much better.


New homeware products from Kmart


1. Vanity stand, black | 2. LED lighted mirror | 3. Mirror with stand, black

I went to Kmart to buy pegs. How is it even possible that I’ve come home with these candles, planters and zero pegs!?

For me interesting and quirky pieces spark conversation and creativity. In love with these cuties to add a bit of fun (and storage) to my desk.


New homeware products from Kmart


1. Face Planter | 2. Line face fragrant candle | 3. Salt tealight holder | 4. Giraffe planter |5. Large wax relief canister | 6. Brass finish apple


Whatever you’re looking for (or not looking for), just remember, not all who wander are lost – some are just in Kmart.