06 November 2018

Your guide to gifts $50 and under

I have a problem that even Suri and Google can’t help with – what to buy one of my brothers for Christmas. He’s a difficult one, for sure. Our family price limit sits around the $50 mark, so it seems a perfect time to go hunting for what’s available in the $50 or under price bracket. As I’ve discovered, there’s plenty to be found, and isn’t that a relief, with Christmas not so far away.

There is merit to be had in tackling Christmas shopping early, or at least starting to ponder present possibilities. I normally wait for the Christmas carols, decorations and added bustle so I can enjoy the hype, but this year I’m ahead of the eight ball. I’ve been ferreting gifts away for the last month or so and must say I am enjoying the feeling of preparedness. And, truth be told I’m enthused about lots of my finds. Top of the pops is the heart from The Importer, which comes in different sizes. Not so good for my brother but it would be a great addition to my outdoor décor. (The rose diffuser would be great for my interiors, btw).

I suspect I may be dropping hints in the lead up to Christmas about the in-ear headphones from Torpedo 7. I am good at running regularly with my running buddy but hopeless at making it happen on my own. I reckon the headphones could make all the difference. A stylish vase, a coffeepot, champagne glasses, a diffuser … all prime examples of how the quest to find a great gift or personal purchase doesn’t need to involve blowing the budget. There’s plenty of terrific ideas out there – just take the time to have a look on line or go for a wander through the shops. As for my brother, the barbecue caddy could be the thing…with some delicious condiments on board. Definitely a contender!

Lav fame champagne flute set, $35, from Spotlight |2. Avanti 8 cup Espresso maker, $35, from Spotlight |3. Buddy hooks, assorted colour, Umbra, $39.99, from The Design Store |4. Marea U Vase, emerald, $39.99, from NOOD |5. Quadlock phone case iphone 5/6/7, $49.99, from Torpedo 7 |6. Madras mat, 60x90cm, $39.95, from Freedom Furniture |7. Eliot salt & pepper shaker, set of two, $29.95, from Freedom Furniture |8. Skullcandy, method in-ear with mic 1 headphones, $49.99, from Torpedo 7 |9. Acacia wood barbecue caddy, $49.99, from The Design Store |10. Kubu oval fruit basket, whitewash, $45, from The Importer |11. Heart vine, medium, $49.95, from The Importer |12. Cote Noire Faux French Rose Diffuser, $49.99, Ezibuy.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.