21 May 2019

I love my living room, it’s where I can relax, entertain friends and hang out with my partner.

It’s debatably the most used room in the house, so for me I want it super comfy but trendy so that I can just flop down and unwind after work in a space I am proud of.  Did I mention it needs to look cool too?  I have a few girlfriends who love to visit and while there’s no judging going on, I know they will sweep an eye over it to give it the tick of approval so comfort and trendy is where I’m at.

As we creep towards winter and if you don’t have any travel plans booked to warmer climes, then the next best thing is to stimulate your creative senses and embark on a room makeover.  Who needs Europe when you can create paradise!  No need to break the bank either as a few simple accessories and a modern piece or two will transport you and yours to a place you call home.

Here are a couple of ideas!



If your living area is all the same colour, it’s tough for your eyes to focus on anything. Adding in a small burst of colour can lift the overall colour scheme of your space which is useful when you want to create a particular mood or need a space to be cozier or larger. Textured pieces also help add depth to your living space. Currently loving the bold metallic and velvet pieces coming through Freedom Furniture to create that winter haven, but also the brighter shades from Nood if you still want to keep it fresh.

Use accent colours to brighten up your living room
Bright prints & accessories from Nood, Assorted metallic & velvet accessories from Freedom Furniture.


I live in an apartment and space is a premium – so I do love products that have dual purposes. Enter, the ottoman. An easy way to change up the look and feel of your space. They can be used in lieu of a coffee table by placing a tray on top; and when you have guests over, they can be moved out and voila, you have extra seating. You can even get ones that also have secret storage compartments – talk about triple function! Freedom Furniture have round trays that when paired with ottomans, can create that versatile occasional table. (They’re also handy for those times you want breakfast in bed). Nood also have a stunning range – I’m biased towards the round designs, as they’re better for traffic flow and again can be easily moved when you need them but they come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re after a statement piece, Hunter Furniture have some unique conversation starters. The Sedona cowhide is a big yes from me – rustic, and right on trend. Perfect balance between formal and causal. And whilst it’s not an ottoman per se, The Design Store has the cutest elephant seat for a small human or just as a functional decorative piece. Whatever your taste, there’s an ottoman for everyone.

A selection of cool ottomans
Gold Basique round tray from Freedom Furniture, Ritz velvet pouf from Ezibuy, Ombre home winter luxe ottoman from Spotlight, Black Basique round tray from Freedom Furniture, Sedona ottoman from Hunter Furniture, Flemming elephant from Freedom Furniture.


If you’re limited with space, the right wall art can give you the illusion of space and a greater sense of depth.  Mirrors are the obvious answer to stimulate the effect of a window, but large wall art is also really effective. It helps bring a splash of light, breaks up a wall like a window would and is a chance to highlight something memorable. Check out out Freedom Furniture for inspo.

Quentin mirror from Freedom Furniture, Stormy sea framed print from Freedom Furniture.

Whichever way you choose to update your space remember you need to live in it. Decorate with items that are comforting, spark memories and create stories.