13 March 2019

Nelson Mandela once said: “if you want to change the world, help the women.” It’s a quote I couldn’t resist posting on my Facebook page to mark the recently celebrated International Women’s Day.

Mother and daughter - celebrating wonderful women

International Women’s Day inspired conversations in many sectors of my world. One question asked was, who’s a woman who inspires you? Colleagues listed Michelle Obama, Ellen Degeneres, Princess Diana, Mother Theresa. I found it hard to come up with simply one, but black civil rights activist Rosa Parks was one of my picks. After parking her posterior on a bus seat reserved for whites only, she famously said “I had no idea history was being made. I was just tired of giving up”. Yes, that ended up on my Facebook page too. Another question being asked was, how did you mark the day? A male friend of mine (the father of six children, only one of them female) replied that he had shouted his female staff a long lunch to celebrate the day. Don’t you just love that.

So, it was with all these wonderful women thoughts in my head that I went shopping this week. I had fun identifying gifts suitable for women – at various stages of our lives, from the nursing pashmina for mums of the very young, through to the strong core and back kit that women like me (way past childbearing age) could make good use of. There are some wonderfully feminine items such as Ecoya products, scrumptious cushions and bedspreads, a kimono, a large vase called Pacifica Lady no less, and a glass ball light to add some bling. I’ve included the small candle tin idea as I think that makes an excellent wee gift to have on hand just as a little something for a girlfriend. There’s a gorgeous hued office chair, and an inflatable stand up paddle board, and if that makes you feel tired, then check out the sleeping mask. As always… just so many great things to be found in our stores. Oh, and check out the sales – Torpedo7, for example, has great reductions on water and camping gear.

Products just for women

1. Gaiam strong core and back kit, $29.99, from Torpedo7 | 2. Pacifica lady vase, large, $115, from Design Store | 3. Binnie nursing pashmina, silver grey, $32.99, from Babycity | 4. 11’2” Lani 340 inflatable SUP package, $599.99, from Torpedo7 | 5. Bardot office chair, $99.00, from Freedom Furniture | 6. Emporium small candle tin, $7.70, from Spotlight | 7. Festlig glass ball light, large, $11.99, from NOOD | 8. Soda cushion, $24.50, from Furniture Now | 9. Curacao, swirl kantha bedspread, $72.50, from The Importer | 10. Mia Lucce Kimono robe, $49.99, from Ezibuy | 11. Sleeping mask, $14.00, from Ezibuy | 12. Hand cream Ecoya, $29.95, from Design Store.

Note: Prices mentioned, and availability of products featured are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more