15 January 2019

Summer is by far my favoured season, so it's well worth celebrating.

Woman paddling on crystal clear water

It’s the season that enables me to be in my favourite place, which is pretty much either in water, or alongside water suitable for swimming. I imagine this is the case for many, and therefore, my product selection includes a few aqua-related items. Summer is also the season which is great for enjoying many of the quintessential things that speak of our wonderful kiwi lifestyle. Backyard barbecues, boating excursions, hikes in the great outdoors, camping adventures, seafood feasts… what’s not to like (well, maybe glamping, rather than camping, may be more your thing).

I was chatting to a Canadian-born-and-raised friend the other day, who regularly celebrates the fact he has NZ citizenship. He – who’s from a freezing part of Canada – was telling me he was advised to emigrate to NZ partly based on the fact that our average temperature and the average body temperature are in sync. This means it’s never really neither too cold, nor too hot, to do what you want in good old New Zealand. I rather like that concept. So, with a focus on the hot, here’s a taste of what I have found in the Sylvia Park stores this week – and please note: there are some incredible sales on.

I found various outdoor seating options for that alfresco dining we so enjoy at this time of the year, and an assortment of various lanterns, perfect for holding citronella candles. There are beach bags, sunglasses, tents for use when enjoying the great outdoors (there are major sales on tents and tenting accessories at Torpedo 7), and a lemon planter that will do the job nicely when it’s gin and tonic time. Ezibuy offers various swimwear options, and I was rather smitten with the solar showers at The Design Store – perfect for rinsing sun-kissed, sandy bodies. Paddle boards and body boards can be bought online at Torpedo 7 too. While many of us are back at work, and it’s not long until school’s back, this does not mean that summer is over. So, keep celebrating

Summer accessories

1. Koo nautical beach bag, $10, from Spotlight / 2. Inflatable transparent tube, $8, from Spotlight / 3. Sunnies with bamboo arm, $19.99, from The Design Store / 4. Serena 4-piece, outdoor lounge suites, $1,699, from Furniture Now / 5. Cobra solar shower 32L, $479.20, from The Design Store / 6. Next, shape-enhancing tankini, $51, from Ezibuy / 7. Hideaway 2-person tent, $69.99 from Torpedo7 / 8. 10ft 8 classic EPS standup paddle board, $525, from Torpedo7 / 9. Carlisle lantern, large, $44.95, from Freedom / 10. Denisse lemon planter, $29.95, from Freedom.

Note: prices mentioned, and availability of products features, are subject to change. If you love the look, we recommend you head in store to find out more.