08 January 2018

My recent evening out at my favourite Sylvia Park restaurant gave me the chance to fully experience the excitement of the new additions and improvements to the restaurant area now named “The Grove”.

It was the day after the opening of the eateries strip and families, couples and friends filled the beautiful open space creating what looked to be, a new favourite go-to for Aucklanders. There is now a fantastic array of different cuisines to choose from, whatever you’re craving, it’s probably there for you to enjoy! My partner and I are suckers for Mediterranean food so Casablanca Cafe was the winner in our eyes for the night.

Entering the Casablanca Cafe you instantly feel this welcoming and relaxing homey vibe that pulls you right in and sits you down at the nearest table for two! The stunning new interior design brings that perfectly executed Mediterranean feel to the place with a modern spark. One thing I love about the restaurants at The Grove, Sylvia Park is the service. Everyone seems to be on the same level; wanting to make customers comfortable and to feel special, overall making the dining experience super enjoyable!

The menu at Casablanca has some delicious dishes but I do have a favourite and that’s the Greek meatballs, always with a side of pide bread! My partner, who joined me for dinner (date night!) ordered the pirzola lamb cutlets with a side of fries and aioli which in my opinion are the best fries ever. After a 10 minute wait which gave us some time to settle into our table, our food arrived. The plates our meals came served on were bright earthy colours which brought life to the table along with the mouth watering food.

It’s safe to say we – as usual – loved our choice of mains, the meatballs were flavoursome combined with roasted potatoes, Mediterranean vegetables, tomato and oregano sauce. The lamb cutlets seemed to be a big hit on my partners end! They came served with parsnip and hazelnut puree, roasted vegetables and labneh. The pide bread was the perfect addition and by the end of it we were so full, we took pleasure in a cold beverage (always ginger beer for me!) sat back, relaxed and took in the ambience of such a lovely place where family and friends come together to have a delightful eating and social experience.

I definitely recommend taking your loved ones along to The Grove at Sylvia Park this summer, you have so many choices in food offerings and the space inbetween invites people to lounge and unwind after a busy day shopping or even as a place to meet with friends and be surrounded by the glow of the holidays. The dining lane is such a new and modern twist on mainstream eatery sectors and there’s even a performance area at the front called the Pod which on opening night showcased a live band.

My afternoon at Casablanca was such a wonderful end to the week and I’m glad it came to a close at Sylvia Park!

Thanks for reading, till next time! xx

Morgaine Halligan