15 April 2019

There is no one way to wear anything.

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Autumn|Winter 19 waves a nostalgic ‘see ya’ to the pastel florals and ripped denim shorts of balmy summer evenings, but new season fashion has stormed in, with animal print, tartan, and layers stockpiling stores and the streets. And quite simply put, you can’t have ‘too’ much. Too much clashing print? Nope.  Too many layers? Na-uh.  Too many coats, and too many accessories? Not even a thing.

But A|W 19 fashion at Sylvia Park isn’t just about trends. It’s about style. And however you wear it, wear it your way. 


“Fashion fades, but style is eternal.”

Buckle in, and saddle up, cowgirl.

It’s wild out west. Ride into A|W 19 with fringe detailing, embellished suede jackets, belt-hooked cord pants, leopard print accessories, and your classic cowboy boots; it’s time to practice that thumb-hooked Nashville swagger. Ye-haw-t.



“And so, she decided to just buy the damn leather jacket.”

Red? More like red hot.

The leather jacket is the sibling to the little black dress. They’re the two items no wardrobe should be without. But sometimes you just gotta change it up. A|W 19 says you should leave the black jacket in the wardrobe this year, and rock out to something a little more… bright. Pair it with a bold lip colour and own it; bomber for the streets and blazer in the office. You ‘red’ it here first.



“A little bit of mascara, a lotta bit of confidence.”

Own. Your. Look.

Fashion worth getting caught out in the rain for. Yellow, green, blouses, bows, gingham and tartan give a nod of approval to the 70s receptionist. Slip on lacy tights, clash some prints and wear with some elegant accessories for a classic look unraveled.



“Grab your coat, leave a note and run away with me.”

One can never have too many… Layers.

It’s all about the fur. Mustard, camel, mauve, rust or whatever damn colour you want. The wool-collared denim jacket is back, and we also say hello to the ‘Teddy fur’ coat this season, for a soft on the inside, tough on the outside demeanor. Basically, if it’s soft and has pockets (always a win, right?), you’ll need it in your wardrobe.



“Bold accessories are a woman’s armour.”

They are the exclamation point to any outfit.

Socks, bags, belts, belt chains, rings, bracelets, scarves, earrings. Wear them all, and wear them all at once, but only if you want to. We’re seeing faux fur and quilted bags, oversized buckles, rich reds and dirty oranges, and tortoise shell print for A|W 19.



“Win a ‘no win’ situation by rewriting the rules.”

His, hers, theirs. Yours. Ours.

Whatever suits you. The suit is bigger and bolder than ever. We’re seeing grey and chequered prints as the trusty sidekick in this real life movie, starring you. Ditch the ball or cocktail dress in favour of the suit, or dress for the job you want with this season’s hottest pant/jacket combo. Wear with a chunky patent heeled loafer or boot, or sling on some stilettos. Like a boss .



However you choose to wear it, wear it your way.

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