25 September 2019

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Spring/Summer 19 is all about stepping into your super powers…you don’t have just one, and you can change your identity every time you change your outfit.

Who are you today? You don’t have to play it safe (you don’t want to!)!

This season is all about mixing all your favourite colours, styles, fabrics and genres, and making your OWN rules. It’s all about being fluid.

You don’t have to dress for your job any differently than dressing for a concert, a ladies night out or a day at the markets.

How will you Wear It Your Way…Everyday?!

Wear it your way

“You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.” — Wonder Woman

Break the rules and trust your instinct.

Be ready to conquer new worlds by mixing stripes and florals – bold tropical patterns together. Create your super hero silhouette with fitted active wear + swingy resort wear.

It’s not your grandma’s kimono…it’s now a statement piece that says you are a warrior, yet you are ready to party when the hard work has been done and WEAR IT YOUR WAY.

Wear it your way

“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” — Superman

Go with it, stand out from the crowd.

Sometimes your super hero cape takes the shape of your bold signature colour tie (with socks to match) mixing with this corporate style khaki blazer – sharp lines but a breathable casual fabric. You don’t want to scare people, you want to blend in until it’s your time pop! You say when.

Just because you wear a sheer top, doesn’t mean you are giving away all your secrets. Until YOU are ready. It’s time to re-imagine the suit – keep the oxfords and step into Bermuda shorts.

Go from work to play at ANY time of day when you WEAR IT YOUR WAY.

Wear it your way

There are times when we… when you… have to be true to who you are.” — Lois Lane

Bring all the colours and pieces together.

Today you change the world…your way. You’re ready and so is our outfit. Your ideas are as bright as your fashion sense. You know how to expertly mix signature pieces like a casual blazer with a soft jumpsuit.

There’s nothing beige about this outfit when bright, soft textures meet structured, detailed accessories (you demand a second glance) — everyone will be watching and listening to you when you WEAR IT YOUR WAY.

Wear it your way

“A woman should dress first and foremost for her own pleasure.” — Miss Fisher (Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries)

Craft your own identity and feel alive.

You are on the move – and it shows. Crowds disperse as you glide through town looking for your next adventure. It can be in the next city or another country – you are ready to explore and tame the wild.And they see you swooping in like a supernatural force – one colour, one journey, one champion…you!

Mixing long lace with chic shorts, and every angle ends with a statement piece — a cooler-than-you hat, bold cuffs (yes, white can be bold!), and sleek sneakers.

NO ONE is getting in your way today…or anyday…because you WEAR IT YOUR WAY!

However you choose to wear it, wear it your way.

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