26 February 2018

As everyone is well into their new work year and this impending colder weather is bringing us all down, it’s the perfect time to renew your wardrobe to lift your spirit in the workplace!

Your professional appearance is as important as anything, no matter what job you have, and if you take pride and make an effort, good things will come your way (tried and tested!). Need that promotion? Your confidence is low and could use a little boost? ZARA at Sylvia Park definitely has you sorted! With all the ever-evolving trends the fashion industry brings to the table, ZARA is always the perfect place to go when you want to add designer-inspired and current worldwide trends to your closet. I visited Sylvia Park’s ZARA to find out what’s in, and how you can apply high fashion to your work attire and, more importantly, what’s on sale!
This first thing that caught my eye had to be the theme of red, red is everywhere right now and is an especially flattering colour. If you don’t feel comfortable going bold, you can even include the colour red by accessorising with it to compliment a basic monochromatic look. Red is known to be a very persuasive colour, so get yourself a red scarf even and next time you ask your boss for a pay rise it could come in handy!


As well as red standing out in the store, I definitely noticed a wide range of shoes and bags catching my attention. I must say I am a sucker for shoes and bags. ZARA is really good at bringing you runway or designer looks but more toned down, wearable and at an affordable price – they have sale racks from as low as $15 (sometimes even lower!). You can count on them to always have an awesome shoe on sale! I was lusting over a pair of black pointy toed slip on heels, which had a bow detail and looked incredibly classy. Black does go with everything and especially when it’s a sale item!

Blazers are a great way to add professionalism and elegance to your outfit. Even adding a blazer to denim and a basic tee can do the trick you don’t have to go full dressy, just effortlessly chic! Best of all they have a sale on for denim and a range of basics.


I also spotted a beautiful and colourful exotic handbag that I thought was my favourite item in the store by far. Handbags and accessories are in my opinion the best way to create difference in your daily looks, especially when you fear you wear the same clothing every week! Coordinate different combinations and you can give the illusion your wardrobe at home is the size of a bathroom!


If you are looking to change up your style at work or just need to indulge in some retail therapy, Zara is an excellent place to do so without needing to break the bank!


Till next time