27 October 2017

Spring is here, and so is spring fashion! Follow Morgaine Halligan as she visits Sylvia Park for a new outfit.

As we are now well into spring and slowly starting to get over those drowsy September showers, I find myself craving a brand new outfit to lift my wardrobes spirits, help inspire a new instagram pic (@morgaineh) and hopefully find myself dabbling into a little colour. I’m a very monochromatic gal at heart but as the trees are blossoming, so is my colour palette! What better way to find a new outfit than to make a day of it at Sylvia Park. Follow me as I find that perfect spring ensemble and browse the latest in fashion trends at my favourite shopping centre… Whilst enjoying a refreshing Tank smoothie of course, always the best way to start your day at Sylvia Park!


It’s hard to know where to start when you have no idea what you’re looking for, but luckily Glassons delivered the goods with a beautiful range of new arrivals; bringing a dash of that Spanish summer with it. As there are always so many great pieces to chose from I am drawn to a skirt that is just calling my name. Yes… I’m definitely buying it! It’s white and blue and oh so lovely. Now that I have something to work with, I spot a black bandeau that I’ve had my eye on for a couple of weeks now so I’m taking no chances and just going for it. Black is so versatile and goes with everything so there are never any bad decisions when buying black clothing. The skirt and top are both made from breathable linen blend which is perfect as it’s getting warmer and I’m not about that sweaty life!

Clutching my new outfit in hand, I trotted off to hopefully find some trendy flats.

My gorgeous new Glassons skirt


The Cotton On Mega store is very large and has so many areas you could spend your time in. However, my mind is set on a particular pair of shoes so I get down to business. After trying on stunning pairs of leopard print heels, velvet boots and funky sneakers, I went with a gorgeous pair of white flats with a tied fabric look that I thought would work perfectly with that spring vibe I was going for.

My new Cotton On Mega flats!


I’m feeling accomplished, so now it’s time to head off to the next shop. It’s a Saturday and the mall is buzzing with energy, people are having lunch with family and friends, eager shoppers are on a mission to find the best bargains and I’m on my way to one of the biggest new additions to Sylvia Park this year; Zara. I can spend hours in this shop if I had the time, believe me! Zara is a place for everyone, even kids – the range of different styles is so refreshing and if you haven’t been there yet it’s worth a visit. I was on the hunt for a pair of earrings to top off my look! Whilst the shoes were very tempting, I did come across some gorgeous orange tassel hoops and I couldn’t resist.

Loving my new top from Glassons and tassel hoops from Zara

The day had come to a close and I felt very happy with my purchases. It was time to go home and get ready for a casual night with the girls!

What a fantastic day spent shopping, lunching and relaxing at Sylvia Park. Check out my complete outfit below, and check out my blog here.

Thanks for reading, till next time!

Morgaine Halligan xx