23 March 2018

I was stoked to check out the birds at Birdie's!

We planned on starting the night with a cheeky alcoholic beverage, but much to our surprise ended up ordering two mocktails! They just sounded too good to resist

I had the ‘Birdie’s Berries’ which was made with raspberries, strawberries and cranberry juice – the sweet taste of summer came rolling back into my memories. My partner opted for the other choice of mocktail which was the ‘Second Taste’ and made with honey, lemon juice, rosemary, soda water and blueberries. Both were absolutely delicious, and with just the right amount of sweet and tart, we were left craving another!



Up first on the menu was the ‘Chicken Croquettes’ which my friends and colleagues had absolutely raved about, so of course, I had to see what all of the fuss was about!

They weren’t exaggerating; the croquettes came out piping hot and the first bite had me in awe. The croquette was filled with tender chicken, mayo, pickles and lemon puree – it was an absolute treat and I wasn’t sure how anything else would compare. Next up was the renowned chicken – otherwise known as the Birdie’s specialty – which we definitely had high expectations for. It was served with a generous portion of hot chicken gravy, and we were not disappointed. The chicken was tender, and we thought was a very generous portion size – which left us having to ask for a doggy bag to take the rest home! Served alongside the ‘Fried Cauliflower’ and ‘Rotisserie Vegetables’, we really couldn’t have had a better mix. It was like a good old fashioned home cooked roast, which made the restaurant feel super homely, comfortable, and welcoming.



Although both us were stuffed after the chicken (pun intended), we just had to indulge in some dessert – I mean, seriously, who ends date night without dessert?!

The ‘Chocolate Delice’ caught our eye, but we decided it was wise to just order one and share. Served promptly, we were in chocolate heaven – once again, a very large portion size and enough to satisfy the both of us. It was kind of like a chocolate mousse cheesecake, with berries and cream – just divine.

You were a treat Birdies, and we’ll definitely be back!