19 April 2020

How do you podcast? Me, I listen to an episode a day whilst I stride out with my dog, virtuous in learning something new, keeping up with the news or being entertained (as well as both of us getting some exercise!).

With the bazillion* (*may not be accurate) podcasts that you could peruse, it can be overwhelming to know what to listen to next. In search of #TheGoodStuff, I’ve noted here a few podcasts that could tempt you. If one of my faves tickles your fancy, click on the name to be taken to its relevant website or type the name in the search field your preferred podcast source and enjoy!

This is part of our series, #TheGoodStuff, where we are sharing our favourite stuff with you to keep you entertained, supported and inspired!


Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham 
Celeb podcasts are pretty meta; it’s typically celebs chatting with their friends, who are also celebs, about their lives (and how they got there). Which honestly, I’m okay with! Here, queen of body positivity, Ashley Graham sits down with others who, in their respective industries, are also a “pretty big deal”. Each episode is relaxed, fun and enlightening.

Others to try:
Anna Faris is Unqualified: Anna Faris is a national treasure. Each episode is a cutie interview with a (fellow) celeb, then it’s time for both to provide “amazing” relationship advice from listener questions.
Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: Super smart long-form interviews with people (some celebs) doing pretty incredible things. Co-hosted by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman, the banter is strong.
Life is Short with Justin Long: Funny, witty and uplifting. There’s lots of great chats with fellow actors and musicians. Make sure to listen to the episode with Grandma Jody. Pure gold.
RuPaul What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage: A must listen for fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Lots of celebrity guests that talk about all the things as well as behind the scenes scoops from the TV show.

Images: Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham – stitcher.com, RuPaul: What’s The Tee? – rupaulpodcast.com, Life is Short With Justin Long – stitcher.com, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard – open.spotify.com, Anna Faris is Unqualified – iheart.com



Get Sleepy
Confession… I’ve never made it through a full episode of “Get Sleepy”; it’s that good. Described as the ultimate bedtime story podcast, Thomas and his dulcet-toned friends take you through some mindfulness techniques before you listen (if you’re still awake) to a fairytale, accompanied by soothing soundscapes. Actually dreamy.

Others to try:
Family Secrets with Dani Shapiro: Kinda feels like you’re eavesdropping on something juicy happening at the table beside you in a café. True, first person stories, exploring family secrets and what they can teach us.
The Slowdown: It’s poetry. Soothing, melodious poetry. Hosted by the US Poet Laureate, Tracy K Smith, it’s like listening to velvet.
Terrible, Thanks for Asking: The conversations that happen when you’re honest when asked, “How are you?”. Personal interviews that are funny, sad, both, but always genuine.
Committed: Love stories… messy, hilarious, heart-breaking and inspiring. Cheaper than marriage counselling.

Images: Get Sleepy – Podtail.com, Family Secrets – iheart.com, The Slowdown – Stitcher.com, Terrible, Thanks for Asking – ttfa.org, Committed – iheart.com


Dressed: The History of Fashion
When I think of the history of fashion, I think Miranda Priestly, resplendent in The Devil Wears Prada, telling Andy about the origins of her cerulean “lumpy blue sweater”. Dressed: The History of Fashion explores the who, what, when and why of what we wear. Loved the episode on the symbolism in the Game of Thrones costumes and currently listening to the origin of cat-eye glasses.

Others to try:
My Heels Are Killing Me: An NZ offering. There hasn’t been a new episode since May 2019, but those new to discovering this podcast will find a back catalogue full of interesting, insightful interviews with those working inside the fashion industry.
The Business of Fashion: Perfect stopping point for in-depth interviews with designers and players within the fashion industry. Scroll past the musings on the current climate to find fascinating interviews with the likes of Christian Louboutin (red soled high heels) and Carine Roitfeld (of French Vogue fame).
Offline, The Podcast: An Australian offering, hosted by Alison Rice, where honest conversations are had with some of the humans behind super popular Instagram accounts.
Fashion Unzipped: Dissecting the costumes from some of our favourite shows, discussing model body shaming and what the 2010 decade looked like for fashion. Hosted by The Telegraph’s senior fashion editors.

Images: Dressed: The History of Fashion – iheart.com, My Heels Are Killing Me – rnz.co.nz, The Business of Fashion – stitcher.com, Fashion Unzipped – podbean.com, Offline, The Podcast – stitcher.com


Work In Progress with Sophia Bush
Actor and philanthropist, Sophia Bush hosts, interviewing achievers in a range of industries, on how they’ve gotten to where they are today and what’s next for them. The range of people hosted in this podcast makes it infinitely interesting.

Others to try:
Spectacular Failures: We’ve all got that one million dollar idea, right? Here you can listen to some spectacular business failings and the lessons learnt from them.
How I Built This: Stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. A show, hosted by Guy Raz, all about possibility. Scroll through the episodes to listen about businesses you have a particular interest in… or just listen to them all.
Akimbo: A podcast by Seth Godin: I read Seth Godin’s daily blog, so I’m already a fan. The Akimbo podcast is also perfectly shaped into bite sized pieces of 20-30 minutes delving into one idea about our culture to challenge your current thinking and practices in work and home life.
TED Radio Hour: Weekly drops that explore fresh ways to think and new ideas to old problems. Each week is centred on a theme. Co-produced by TED and NPR, it’s been on-air since 2012 so there’s lots of episodes to sink your ‘ears” into.

Images: Work In Progress with Sophia Bush – podbean.com, How I Built This – npr.org, Akimbo: A Podcast by Seth Godin – akimbo.link, Spectacular Failures – spectacularfailures.org, TED Radio Hour – npr.org


The podcast for smart people… who love dumb stuff. Hosted by Melbourne journos, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, there’s twice weekly episodes, one on their take on the latest pop culture and celebrity news, the second, an interview with an influential person. Voted Australia’s top podcast of 2019, it’s totally understandable why. The interviews are fresh, honest and inspiring and the general chat (along with the in-jokes) make you feel like you’re catching up with your girlfriends over a glass of vino.

Others to try:
The Girls Uninterrupted (previously “Girls on Top”): Three strong, vibrant, opinionated Kiwi gals with all the chat… the type of chat you have with friends you’ve had since primary school.
Dolly Parton’s America: So fabulous. Jad Abumrad hosts an exploration into the universal love of Dolly Parton. Nine episodes of per joy, country and magical storytelling.
The Joe Rogan Experience: The big daddy of all podcasts (1,445 episodes and counting), filled with fascinating conversations with all sorts of people. Each episode is a biggie so plan one episode filling the whole evening.
Off Menu: Hosted by comedians, Ed Gamble and James Acaster, special guests are invited to a magical restaurant where they choose the menu. Good chats ensue.

Images: Shameless – open.spotify.com, The Girls Uninterrupted – podtail.com, Dolly Parton’s America – music.apple.com, The Joe Rogan Experience – m.youtube.com, Off Menu – play.acast.com