Being a parent is hard work!

Kiwibubs is a free club for Mum’s, Dad’s and caregivers raising little ones. Members have access to bi-monthly meet-ups with guest speakers, exclusive retailer offers plus the chance to connect with other parents.

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Upcoming Kiwibubs session:

Date: Wednesday 25 October

Time: 10am

Location: Hoyts Cinema, Northlands

Speaker: Helen Potter – The Nutrition Room

Raising Happy Eaters

We all want our children to have a good relationship with food, for them to enjoy trying new foods and to know when they have had enough. Eating habits begin at a young age and can last a life time, so we want this experience to be an enjoyable one. Supporting a child’s food journey is not only important, but also fun and a great way to connect as a family, so to understand the child’s perspective with regards to how they approach learning about food is helpful when interacting with a child around mealtimes

Helen Potter, an associate registered nutritionist, owner of The Nutrition Room, qualified chef, and Mum, will be talking about how to support a child’s food journey, what to look out for when introducing foods, with tips and strategies to prevent fussy eaters. Supporting your child’s food journey is important at any age, but Helen focuses on the Starting Solids/Toddler/Pre-School years.

Prams at the Pix:

Hoyts Northlands host Prams at the Pix at 11am every Wednesday morning during the school term, with dimmed lights and softened volume to ensure you can sit back and enjoy your break.

All tickets just $9* and kids under five FREE

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