Find your festive by getting your gifts wrapped at Northlands!

For a gold coin donation, get your gifts wrapped by our chosen community groups. Thank you for supporting St John, Heart Kids, Allenvale School and Papanui High School PTA, who get all of the proceeds from your donation.

Our gift wrapping booths are open:
Thursday 9 – Wednesday 15 December,  10am – 4pm
Thursday 16 – Thursday 23 December, 10am – 8pm
Friday 24 December, 9am – 5pm

You can see the centres opening hours here.

You can find our gift wrapping booths:
One near The Warehouse and one near PAK’nSAVE.


Meet our charity partners

St John Youth – Christchurch No. 3 Youth Division

We formed about 87 years ago – we are the oldest division in Christchurch. We were formed by the 3 Field Ambulance (that is where the No. 3 part of our name comes from). Cadets in NZ have been around since 1927 where they were commenced in the North Island. As an organisation we have been around since the 900’s (over a 1000 years) where we were set up in Jerusalem.

The idea of the cadet divisions are to educate young people between the ages of 8 – 17 years (and 6 – 8 years for the younger group – Penguins). We mentor them in everything from health care, first aid, patient care right through to how to put out a fire, change a car tyre and stay safe in the water. We give them ideas for taking up and keeping hobbies, appreciating the arts , learn about the organisation and it’s rich history and ultimately how to be leaders and pioneers in their own fields. We have turned out a fantastic amount of young adults who are equipped with life skills, but also how to have fun (play games, socialize, hang out with their mates safely).


Heart Kids – Canterbury

Heart Kids Canterbury is one of the biggest branches, currently we support over 560 heart children. We receive several new referrals from the hospital each week and all are contacted. Some only need this initial information, however others need much more intensive support as they face their child’s heart surgery and continue to need the support as their child grows. They become a member of Heart Kids for lifelong support.

Having a child with a heart condition affects all the family so Heart Kids Canterbury is very active in providing support to families so that together with the national office the child and family are supported before, during and after their treatment at hospital.


Allenvale Specialist School (for ORS funded students with special needs)

Our school has been in Aorangi Rd since the late 1960’s early 70’s on land that was bequeathed to the Ministry of Education by Mr Allen. He wanted a special school to be built on his land after he died. The land was like a vale – slight hill, with creek, fruit and nut trees. Our school was named ‘Allenvale’ for Mr Allen’s vale.

We provide education to students aged from 5 – 21, here at our base site and at three satellites off site located at Ashgrove School, Wairakei School and at the Papanui Youth Development Centre (for our 17 – 21 year olds)


Papanui High School PTA
The PTA has been around for pretty much as long as PTAs started in schools. It has always been heavily involved in school community activities and supporting staff through interview nights and community events. It’s a great PTA to be involved with.

The PTA funds go to help out students to participate in extra curricular activities that their families may struggle to meet the costs of the event, we contribute to school productions when they are on and we contribute each year to the school end of year celebrations and donate prizes to the junior and senior prizegiving.


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